Oh dear.

I have a severely bad habit of starting projects and getting 7/8 of it done and then loosing momentum. Like the book shelves in our bedroom that I painted … except for one drawer. One lonely drawer.
Or our Kitchen project that I retouched and patched up from old lighting – but have yet to repaint the ceiling where our old light used to hang.
Or my Scrap booking table that is always a mess – until recently when I organized everything then got inspired and decided to do a few pages, which I did do – but out of the 5 I planned to do, I did 3 and the photos and tape, etc are still waiting for the other 2.
Oh … and then there’s the “Lets paint our house!” comment I made the other day, and got excited about it – so I bought the paint and just started painting. I got half of the awning done before I quit because it was looking like rain and I haven’t picked it up again since.
And then, well, today – I’m getting ready for a garage sale which naturally means I have to go through every closet and storage space. Which also naturally means I’m going to get stuck in some sort of memory loss and play with everything I find before I decide to sell it or not. Or I get this great idea to finally get our closet working as a pantry – which takes alot of work by the way – and I get ready to move some shelving into the closet only to find that it won’t fit unless I take it apart. So I try. But I’m also a wimp and have no arm strength whatsoever so this becomes harder than it needs to be for me. And I quit.
I am not a quitter. I’m just going to repeat that over and over again … and apologize profusely to the man I love who is forever patient with me and my whirlwind bursts of enthusiasm.
*** UPDATE!!! ****
I am NOT a quitter, I finished the pantry project. Apparently not as wimpy as I thought šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Oh dear.

  1. Jodi, don’t let Tracy read this post. I have too many things that I haven’t done to our house, and I’m hoping she’ll just forget. Like the lack of tile grout by one of the heater vents, the two blinds that need to be replaced because our cats chewed through the cords, cutting the pad under the carpet in the basement, putting back 2 pieces of trim that would take about 5 minutes to cut first, chopping and moving two sections of wood in our front yard, and the list goes on… Maybe as a group we should take a Saturday and finish each others’ projects. If we got 6 people at our house, we’d be done in an hour. How about yours?

  2. OOOOOOOOOH, I like that idea. We could have everything done here in an hour and a half I would think. And I would be SO willing to be part of this group if I knew stuff was going to be done at the end of the day. We’re 4 – I bet we could get Jason and Emily in on it too now that they have a house. We’ll call it the “Tour De HoneyDoList” and I’m all about making t-shirts.

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