Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater

I cheated on JP’s; our local coffee shop that we have free coffee to for the rest of our lives. That was an exaggeration. Kind of.
I have a hard time paying for coffee seeing as how I don’t drink it and because we have credit at JP’s worth more than our cars. But I’ve also tried everything non-coffee related at JP’s and I’m sorry, but I’m tired of bread.
DID YOU HEAR THAT? I’m tired of bread. Other than my chronic disability to love dairy at this point in my life, I have a chronic addiction to everything carb.
I’ve been seeing Leaf and Bean on the side of bagels and yogurt parfaits from JP’s. They have free wifi and toys for kids. Sadly, two things JP’s doesn’t have. They have internet but it’s not free anymore, you have to buy a drink. Which really isn’t a problem for us, but it’s annoying. And they don’t have toys. And I can see why they don’t have toys – it kind of ruins their atmosphere – but we’re there all the freaking time. In fact if you can’t find me at home or Meijer, I’m at JP’s. Toys would be nice. I’m just sayin’.
Also? Leaf and Bean has juice. Kale, Apple, Lemon Juice or Beet, Celery, Apple Juice or Carrot, Beet, Lemon juice. Freshly juiced juices. Um. These Juices are bitchin. (I was just waiting to use that word today … I needed to use that word today, so there). So bitchin that I bought a juicer so I can play at home on a regular basis with concoctions and juice and energy, life giving energy from celery and kale.
Not just any juicer, Teermans doesn’t carry this juicer. Even more infatuating, Bed Bath & Beyond doesn’t know that this juicer exists.
I’ll let you all know how many times I’ve licked it once it comes to my doorstep. And then I’ll show you how to make juice. I promise.

5 thoughts on “Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater

  1. Jodi,
    Did you know Leaf and Bean also has open mic on Thursdays?
    We should get a group to go on some occasion.

  2. I do have a favorite already, so far I love the Kale, Apple, Lemon the best – but it’s so hard to say BEST because they’re all so so good. Yes, it can do spinach – and Thur June 7th – are you going to be in town Jenny? And yes to the open mic night – I haven’t been yet but would like to try it. šŸ™‚ Lets go!

  3. yum…that sounds heavenly! Yes, i’ll be in town! I would love to see you guys if you are around.

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