So, when are you due?

Ok, I thought we’ve covered this here already but apparently it’s been 10 weeks and that’s like a lifetime when you’re expecting me to be expecting.
Which I’m not. I am not pregnant. Leave my uterus alone.
I have a girlfriend who happens to be single and I used to ask her about her dating life every time I would see her – like Have you met anyone new? Hm, I wonder if you would like so and so, maybe I should set you up? A new crush? Really … give me the details. And I don’t say all this because I think being single is bad. It’s just different than where I am and some times I forget to have manners around this very dear friend of mine. Because having a partner is not the prerequisite to happiness.
Lately it’s like people think my single uterus is looking for a new partner and every time we see friends and I mention I’m tired or we maybe talk about a larger family down the road or I don’t order a drink the girls usually let their eyes travel to my abdomen and I usually get asked at least once, by someone, if and when we’re having more kids.
I feel like I’m being set up with sperm. You know because my best friends brothers uncle knows this one guy who has a sister whose husband’s best man’s friend is single too – and um, would I like to have dinner or something? Test it out – see if it works?
So here’s my public apology to my single friends. Not that I’m comparing you to my uterus or that I have any idea what it’s like to live your life with the frustrations of people’s nosy do-goodedness … but I feel like I can relate some times and I’m so sorry I was that person.
No information might be good information as far as our reproductive aspirations might go on this website. If I talk about it, I’m bound to get asked. So let’s just not. Talk about it.

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