Well it only took us a total of 4 hours to get our stuff together and get down to the Pansy Dollar sale at a local landscaping garden center, but it was so worth it.
We had to go to my mom’s first to get a few more coupons, then borrow a friends truck, finally get to the garden center – walk around, decide, pay and then ate lunch at the diner right in the parking lot. It was a busy morning.
When we bought our house I was 5 months pregnant with Jessica so we focused mostly on the inside of the house – more importantly the would-be nursery and our bedroom. Plus the major things like flooring and appliances – oh and a new roof. Last summer we did some landscaping and added a fire pit to our back yard and pulled the horrendous 50 year old bushes from the front of our house.
It’s been empty ever since – until today. I’m happy with what we got – a lot of green and a small tree. It has to all be shade friendly because we get about an hour of sun a day in the flower bed which would explain the previous bushes’ lack of growth. I was really hoping to get a few “flowers” to add some color – but Impatient’s don’t really tickle my fancy so I stuck with ferns and this really great box hedge that was way too expensive. (We were thinking about getting mostly these box hedges but only brought one home because of the price – still worth it)
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