Scammer on Craigslist

So I was dumb enough not to listen to the little warning horn going off in my head about this guy on Craigslist – we listed something for sale and the next day I get someone saying they’re interested – no questions – and they’ll have a bank check in the mail to me … only he needs my name, address and phone number.
I thought something was wrong with this scenario but he listed a phone number so I trusted that he was legit. Then I got another email and the spelling and grammar just kept getting worse and all I could think was, “what the hell did I just do?!” I did send him my info and then I checked out the phone number because something wasn’t sitting right … apparently this guy’s a scammer on Craigslist – other people have gotten the very same email that I received and then never heard from the guy again (as in the check never came and the pick up never happened).
I reported everything to Craigslist but that doesn’t stop making me nervous. I didn’t give him CC info (that, thankfully, I’m not dumb enough to do) but our address??!!! And my phone number? I’m a little worried.

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