2008 – the year to kick some serious bum

Um. 2008? I’d like to have a word with you, if I may. I know you’re busy being a calendar year and keeping everyone on schedule, making sure we know when to look outside for the lunar eclipse and well, whatever. I get it. You’re major, you are a huge deal. The rising and setting of the sun, the keeping of time.
But, well – can you cut this shit out? This year, you Mr. 2008, has been a wizard of poop thus far. I knew that getting older meant a lot of things from what I gathered by watching other adults as I grew up – I never thought it meant going to so many funerals. And I understand the circle of life, I grasp the idea of life and death and how fragile the time we spend breathing is. I’ve learned this lesson – thank you. Can you just give us a break? A small ray of sunshine through the clouds that are so inappropriately choking our hopes?
Being a new year, you do hold some special moments for us in the wings, and gosh – I guess all I can say about that is YOU ARE FINALLY DOING IT MY WAY. Which, roughly translated, means thank you in some weird way but come on! February isn’t over yet and here we are again.
I guess my final thoughts to you, 2008, would be that I know neither of us has control of this but if I’m going to blame someone for the heartache, and some times that is just easier, I’m going to blame you. Just so you know. Feel free to stop sucking in the mean time.

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