This will be quick because for some reason I’m running on complete nesting energy lately and purging every room in the house of the unnecessary. Like you know the 5 extra pair of sheets for the wrong size bed, we no longer own. Yeah. Time to go. I could keep them now that I’m sewing but there’s not much I want to make out of old sheets for this house – so Goodwill gets them.
Also? Clothes I hated before I was pregnant and are still hanging in my closet … those are going too. Plus the questionable movies we don’t like Jessica watching – bye bye. Along with about half my book shelf and doubles of small appliances we have laying around. Gosh this feels AWESOME.
When I was about this far along with Jessica I decided one day to make cookies – only I made 6 batches instead of one, you know … just in case. I feel like this time around I’m a little more productive with my purging and nesting. Although I did make cookies this morning, too. (one batch)
And off I go!

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