Today is our 4th Wedding anniversary. Last night we went out to celebrate, we had our traditional diner at a favorite restaurant then out for dessert at another and then to a movie, which I would not recommend. (a movie in general is a good idea, this specific movie … a big no)
After the movie we stopped by a bar haunt to see our friends who usually go out for the specials on Wed nights, we rarely show our faces because of the 2 1/2 foot human sleeping in the room across the hall from us but got to do whatever we wanted last night. It was a fantastic night!
Happy Anniversary Aaron – I am so proud of you and am more in love with you today than ever, as the cliche goes – and I bare it happily.

Tour of Freedom part II

This weekend Aaron and I enjoyed another small Tour of Freedom, sans the awkward run ins with our past. My mom took Jessica over night so we could do what ever we wanted. Like for instance, sleep past 8 am. Which we accomplished this morning after going to bed at 10:30. We slept til 8:33 this morning. Oh yeah.
We’re so awesomely cool, we totally have a handle on what life is like without kids. It’s kind of empty. But a reminder every couple months is just what we need.
I had a mani/pedi yesterday while Aaron browsed B&N, we ate Thai food for lunch and then spent a ridiculous amount of time cleaning our garage – I watched LOST on my computer while he finished, because if you all remember, I don’t finish projects well. And I took a nap. Then we got dolled up and went to Butch’s for dinner. For a very lovely, very satisfying dinner. With wine.
It was one of the best dates we’ve been on yet, and we’ve been on some pretty mind blowing dates before. We had our first date at Butch’s over 6 1/2 years ago and we haven’t been back for dinner since – we’ve been back for drinks or lunch, but never dinner. And I have to tell you, I’m not sure why. We’ll be making frequent stops on this memory lane from now on.
Today we laid around until the last minute and then showered and readied ourselves for contact with the world outside our bubble. We’ll go to church and then who knows? Maybe some antique browsing? Maybe we’ll finally use our Red Lobster gift certificate … maybe we’ll just drive and take photos. We know for sure we’ll be getting our bundle of irresistible baby neck fat back around 4 this after noon.
Until then.

Look a like not siblings

Aaron has a background in photography. Did you know that? He used to take Senior Photos, Engagement photos, even do Weddings and the occasional stock-shot of a car or house. He was the apprentice, if you will, of Dave DeJonge for a year and half or so. He took some amazing photos. Photos I love dearly and proudly display around our house.
Which is why he loathes the picture above. I made him do this with me. Made him. When I was 14 or so I would often times go to another Churches youth group and 2 of the leaders were dating. I totally wanted to be these leaders one day so naturally when they brought in a photo they had done at a studio complete with Western Wear and cowboy hats I vowed to myself that one day I would have a photo to boast of just like it.
Only, my boyfriend had a background in photography and didn’t like cowboy fare or Sears portrait studios. 3 strikes against my fantasy. But he loved me and I took full advantage of that fact to try to make this small dream of mine come true.
As you see, he won on the cowboy fare veto. There were no hats involved. But we totally matched otherwise, like siblings. Like look-a-like siblings who shared a kiss between each photo taken. Gross. Double gross, sick even.
He begrudgingly made it through the photo shoot for me but made me promise him we would never have to do that again, which I did promise, and have kept said promise to this day. But then the proofs came back and it was time to order a few prints, if we wanted. I wanted to, I wanted to get wallets and send them to my grandparents and I wanted to order the infamous 8X10 to frame and display on my desk at work.
Obviously you can see where this is going, Aaron might love me, but lets be real here for a minute. There’s no way in hell he was going to let me display a photo of us looking like siblings, without cowboy hats, anywhere within viewing range of a living soul. Not a chance. And the wallets? He still doesn’t like to talk about it, it’s a sore subject here at the Schaap household. I didn’t order any because I wanted to live to see the next sunrise. To enjoy the memory of this awful photo shoot experience years down the road and laugh uncontrollably at my stubborn stupidity and apologize until the day I die that I ever made him go through with something like this.

We like it Hot Hot Hot

Aaron doesn’t know it yet but I’m signing us up for a Salsa Dance class through the Holland Area Arts Council. It’s his fault though. Since we bought the trampoline he’s been teaching me all kinds of things having to do with break dancing and skating and we’ve been watching movies on YouTube about break dancing, too. It’s addicting and it makes me want to move.
You might not know this about me but I love to dance. There is no exaggeration going on here, I l-o-v-e to dance. I used to spend hours upon hours in my room dancing in front of a circle shaped mirror that was about 14 inches wide. Weddings, bachelorette party’s and Chicago are serious play time for me, what with all the dancing and music and bass.
Ah, who am I kidding – we have a dance party every day after nap time. iTunes cranks up and Jessica and I frolick and move for about an hour.
Anyway, you should totally sign up to do Salsa with Aaron and I – it’ll begin on June 14 and be a 3 week class from 8-9 pm on Thursdays. We’re pretty much going to rock – you’ve been warned.