A mighty task

Aaron and I halfway completed our registry today at Target and www.target.com. There are a few things I need to delete yet – but target.com isn’t that user friendly for the “already registered” right now.

We also registered at Babies R Us, found online at www.babiesrus.com (amazon supported). We got a book of information from target with suggestions of what to register for and how much of what to register for – there’s alot of stuff to register for according to these people.

There’s a few big things like the crib and changing station or dresser that we haven’t registered for partly because we can’t decide or don’t like the choices and partly because we need to match the wood to a rocking chair we already have. But we also want to check out antique markets and stores for some unconventional baby furniture, not the crib, don’t worry.

And of course there are those things that are needed but are dang expensive. Like the breast pump, car seats, etc… Good thing most of these purchases are only a one time purchase, to be reused with subsequent children.

There are a couple things I’m very excited about. The Moses basket we registered for at Target, and the cloth diapers we registered for at Babies R Us. You probably think I’m nuts to want to reuse and wash diapers, what with all the garbage I could be disposing of on a daily basis, why wouldn’t I use conventional diapering methods?

Well when they’re newborns, all they do is eat and poop or pee – so instead of throwing away his or her college fund on diapers in the first few months, why not make use of reusing environment friendly diapers? Thats what I thought. Plus, I’ve been reading reviews on amazon.com and talking to people and reading about parenting and whatnot and I think I’m making the decision to best fit our lifestyle.

The Moses basket is special to me because in Nigeria (I was born there, for those of you who don’t know) the leper’s made baskets of all kind, one being the Moses basket, which my parents purchased and it was my bed for the better part of the first year of my life 🙂

So anywho – the baby now kicks and jumps on my blatter at random but frequent times during the day and night – and, well, what can I say – it’s annoying and I have to go pee AGAIN, for the 27th time today.

After short, but much needed break … we’re back.

Um, I don’t know what else I really wanted to say about the registry, other than it’s exhausting and I totally deserve some Maccaroni and Cheese right now.

Oh – ok, I have some exciting news … I’m going part time at work in September. Which I’m very excited about. I’ll be able to help my mom with my dad and get setteled into our new house. I think it’ll be the best thing I could have done for myself during this pregnancy, with everything going on in my personal life. I’m very much looking forward to the time off.

And if this isn’t the most random ending post I’ve written lately … well, I don’t know. But the water’s boiling for my Mac-n-Cheese, and people, seriously, I don’t know how to use punctuation.


Like a lightning bolt outside of Crazy Horse last night a name hit us. I was going back and forth on a name that, at one point, Aaron had liked … and of course, doesn’t anymore. So we were thinking of names just trying to get our thinkers going and he said a name – and I sat there, in complete awe that I liked the name he had mentioned. Infact I love the name he mentioned and OHMYGOSH we have a name.

The rest of the meal was mostly me giggling because we FINALLY decided on a name, for a boy, AHA!

We have a few choices for a girl’s name, any of which we would love, but I think we’re solidifying that one soon too … down to one name that is. We’ll let you know when that lightning bolt hits us. Which I think it hit me today, but I have to get Aaron to agree completely.

And just so I don’t get emails secretly asking me what these names are … we’re not telling, so don’t ask.

Well, I shouldn’t say we AREN’T telling ANYONE. I’m sure Aaron will have live feed from the hospital and the moment we know, you’ll know … so in January sometime we’ll be telling.

Because tired never meant feet aching, back braking, eyes watering, mouth yawning torture before all this.

Yea, I’m tired. Exhausted. We’re moving. And I’m pregnant, almost 5 months pregnant. My size 4 feet are swollen and my toes hurt from the pressure of my growing body. My back hurts just because it hates me and my eyes WON’T STOP WATERING nor will my mouth NOT STOP YAWNING!

The sad thing is, this is the first night we started packing. Granted it’s at the end of my night – when I’m tired anyway, but it doesn’t help. Bending over 3,000 times in less than an hour to put mugs, glasses, vases and other breakables in a box on the floor … yea – not so fun at 10 pm.

I’ll be this tired and worse for atleast the next 2 months, if not more. We have to paint 4 rooms, re-carpet 3, put new vinyl in the kitchen, update the electrical and put a new roof on the new house.

We’re crazies. I know. And we knew all this when we looked at the house and decided to buy it. We’re in love with it though and have most everything covered as far as who’s putting the carpet in and what not. So hopefully we won’t have to break our backs in a matter of weeks to finally live in the house we purchased. But it is going to take some time.

Heres the kicker …

As I type, my abdomen is being kicked, as is this laptop sitting on my abdomen. I’ve been able to feel this wonderful little thing for about a week and a half already, but it’s getting continually stronger.

It started out as just some fluttering as they would say. Sometimes it felt like someone was flicking me from the inside – it was awesome. Now it’s a good old (light albeit) tap on the ol’ innards.

Everytime I feel the stirring start I quick grab Aaron’s hand and jab it to the general area. He’s usually mortified that the jabbing is even taking place, and when I say Push harder – it’s ok … his face scrunches up and he looks at me like I’m mostly crazy but whatever.

For those of you who think pushing on a pregnant abdomen is somehow wrong or abusive, let me just say – first – are you female? Have you been pregnant, read the books, or talked to a doctor? Second I’ll point out that this baby is more carefully protected and isolated from the outside world, or pressure from a palm than Mike Meyers in the Fat Bastard suit.

Aaron hasn’t really felt the baby yet, and probably won’t be able to for a few weeks or even months yet … but it’s worth a try, crazier things have happened.

I can’t wait for the night that we forgo the movie rental and spend the ENTIRE evening watching my belly move or rather the baby moving my belly.

Umbilical cord – to tie or to clasp?

This morning I was wondering about my belly button. I mean, since that’s where I was connected to the umbilical cord and everyone else too, how does it work on the inside now that I’m not attached anymore?

Aaron and I got to talking about it and we got to the point of discussing the possibilities about the cutting of the cord and what not. Aaron fervently pointed out to me that he’s always been told that you cut the cord, and then proceed to tie it off. And, according to Aaron, you tie it off according to inny or outy – which ever you prefer. AND THEN (I know, there’s more) because it can’t possibly heal itself all nice and cute like it turns out Aaron also thinks the doctor then ties the belly button closed (you know how it looks like a knot … he thinks the doctor does that).

So lets paint this picture for you. Aaron has just finished cutting the cord, if he hasn’t fainted already, and then looks at me with all seriousness and asks, inny or outy, Jode? What should we do?

So this morning I’m trying not to laugh because he’s SO serious about this but I’ve been around babies since I, myself, was one and I happen to know the process of the umbilical cord very well. I have 4 nieces/nephews and I started babysitting at age 11. Not to mention any of my 36 cousins just on my moms side. I’ve seen a few umbilical cords in my day.

You cut the cord and then the doctor CLAMPS it, and that’s all. You leave it there for it to do its thing. It heals and it FALLS OFF by ITSELF. (Imagine Aaron horrified at this point, how could I think it falls off???) And when it falls off, it’s a button. It decides inny or outy and it closes itself.

We got to the point of Aaron looking up the facts online … because pregnant woman with baby experience knows nothing and Internet knows all. I let Aaron find the info; to which confirmed my claims and it took everything in his body to say I was right. We even called my mom – and she’s going to die laughing at the message we left, but then she also remembers Aaron from pre pregnant wife, pre wife and just dating her daughter. She’s heard a few off the wall things before.

Uh-oh. As I type Aaron found more than information on umbilical cords on this one site – he’s watching a movie about labor and delivery. The same movie that was EMAILED to me moments after I was pregnant and I proceeded to watch it – completely unaware of what was coming next. They forget to make the disclaimer in very large and bold print stating that you’re actually going to see labor and delivery. Real people, babies and big labor words.

He’s asking me if I still want to do it naturally. Because seriously, they’re using words like transition labor, emotions and anticipation.

And there it is, the actual birth … Aaron doesn’t know what to do with himself. But wait, THERES MORE – they even show the delivery of the placenta. And his final words were (after contorting the face a million different ways) Quote “I would be like DOPE ME UP, get that shit in me.” End quote.