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This will be a smattering of incidental information that I can’t wait to share with you. Ready? Go.

Favorite new site to drool over and inspire dreams:
Knock Off Wood, check out the ‘Plans’ section of the site … this is making me want to learn carpentry more and more. I can’t wait!

When I made my Life List I specifically didn’t put boundaries on #58 … contribute to one of my favorite websites. Partly because I wanted it to be open to any of them (Dooce, Mighty Girl, Young House Love, Mighty Goods, Momversation to name a few) but also because I didn’t want to be a leach on a link. Like if I put it out there and they saw it they’d help me out by letting me do it. I don’t want to be helped in this area. I want it to really happen. Because I have some kind of value to bring. Because they, any of them, noticed that I COULD contribute to their sites.

I know this is kind of lofty dreaming. Being noticed by these bloggers just because is kind of like asking a blind pet to see, just this once. Bla Bla, heart feelings, bla. Ok. So. I don’t think this actually counts but it makes my heart beat faster … Mighty Girl linked to my Life List in a post of a plethora of links to other blogger’s and their lists. I’m in great company and feel pretty special regardless of whether or not I should. So check it out. Click on a bunch of links and dream along with all these wonderful people.

Tea Towels, simply lovely.

How to have a swap is an AWESOME idea. One in which a blogger friend gets all the credit for posting the link and making me drool.

I was clicking on links the other day and came across Inexpensively which led me to Gazelle … I am very intrigued about this site as we have quite a few electronics laying around and from it sounds like, it’s pretty easy to unload them on Gazelle and make a little extra cash. Bonus.

Also, any one know of a menu-planning swap or co-op complete with recipes and grocery lists to accompany them? Does something like this already exist? I love to do it, but it takes so much time and getting into the groove of making that time is just hard. I’d benefit profoundly if something like this was already out there, if it’s not … it will be soon. Would you find this helpful?


There have been a plethora of books that have gotten me on the track I am today with health and awareness about what I eat.

Here’s a few to get you started, if nothing else it’s all very interesting reading – and some of it, I think, essential if you’re female.

The first one should be required reading for any girl who reaches that special age of becoming a woman.

I read this book this past year and learned things I have never known, but now find invaluable.

Next book is one I read a couple years ago and have on my list of books to acquire.

As is this one, Healing with Whole Foods …

I thumbed through this book many times when searching for something in particular, I haven’t picked this one up yet but would love it as a resource in my daily menu’s and, in general, as a good resource and backup for when I get stuck.

Christiane Northrup’s books are, um, like Bibles.

I own the above as well as her book “Mother-Daughter Wisdom”, which I didn’t really find too useful considering the title … but the Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom … Wow. It’s one of those books that you jump around and read pages and chapters at random however I’ve read it cover to cover because I couldn’t stop devouring the information. It’s delicious.

On to the next book. Anatomy of the Spirit.

So, this book isn’t for the curious reader. Not something just anyone is going to pick up because it deals a lot of with Chinese medicinal ideas and Chakras. Which, frankly, scare a lot of people. Take it for what you will, grains of salt, pieces of wisdom. Either way, I found this one helpful because I’m a little wacky. Kind of a left winger where medicine is concerned. Where the body ends does the soul begin sort of a thing. How are we connected to things we aren’t connected to – etc etc.

It fascinates me to no end.

Which brings us to a different kind of book – something more for the personal side of your medicine, whatever you believe.

This was a good read, didn’t do much for my health or wellness other than gave me a picture into someone else’s journey that turned out successful. Listening to yourself is actually a good idea. That was affirming for me.

When Things Fall Apart, I own, but am still resisting the pages. I’ve read a couple chapters but I keep putting this book down because I’m just not ready for it. When I am, it’ll be there and then I’ll get out of it whatever I’m supposed to, I’m sure.

And my very favorite book of 2009 has to be Cold Tangerines.

I was paid one of the highest compliments to date when someone recommended this book to me and in the same breath compared me to the writer. My style, the stories. I had to read this book right away once I heard that and was blown away by this book. It stopped me in so many ways and made me marvel at the small things. It lit fires in me that had gone out and it charged a new passion for reaching people that I didn’t realize I had. I was and still am completely flattered that someone would compare me to Shauna Niequist.

Buy this book now, read it and then sit down with a cup of tea and write the first 5 memories that come to mind. When you’re done with that, write your life list then tell me about it, because I promise it will change your life.

I have a couple more books on my want list right now that have to do with food prep, the food industry and health …

Diabetes: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet (Eat Right 4 Your Type)

Food Inc.: A Participant Guide: How Industrial Food is Making Us Sicker, Fatter, and Poorer-And What You Can Do About It

In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto

Skinny Bitch

Eat Where You Live: How to Find and Enjoy Fantastic Local and Sustainable Food No Matter Where You Live

Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education

Got any good recommendations or books on your “to read” list for this year?? I’d love to add a couple more to my list and hear what keeps you guys interested in turning pages.

Gifts for kids under $10


Whether your budget for this year’s Christmas is big or small saving money on great items is something we all try to do, right? I might be wrong, I’ve been wrong before … but in case this isn’t one of those times here’s a couple great finds!


Melissa & Doug African Plains Jigsaw 24 Piece

We actually own this puzzle already, my kids love it and I LOVE the wooden puzzles because they can be walked on, chewed and thrown around without looking like it.


LEGO Fire Fighter Building Set


Plan Toys City Series School Bus


Sequence for Kids

I love this game so bonus for me that they make a kids version.


Pets and Accessories

There’s just a few to get your thinkers going, link up to some of your favorite finds!

Links turn into thoughts

Today we’re linking it up. I’ve recently become the user of a Reader – of the RSS type or whatever. I’m using google reader if you’re interested.
What is a reader you ask? It organizes all the websites I check (or stalk) daily into one place so I no longer have to be a vulture about it and I’m effectively curing my OCD tendencies while I’m at it. Yippee! I’m also cheating on my husband with the reader – it’s that good. And delicious. And sinful. And easy like a slut at last call. Boo ya!
SO… lets link it up a bit shall we? Gems of gems that I’ve come across. I love links. I love inspiration. I love finding new and exciting things – seeing into other people’s worlds. Gleaning their success and then dreaming of my own.
First off we have Sneak Peaks from design*sponge. I heart design*sponge.
I’ve got some new and very worthy ideas for this site. Which – ok, lets talk about this. I often find myself daydreaming and thinking of new things to talk about here, show here, do here. It’s ridiculous – this culture, this website, this “blog” has become part of my daily thought strategy – how do I get people to be more interactive? How is it possible to make a revune from this site? Is it possible, how do I find my voice in the thousands and thousands of blogs out there – and that’s just the good ones.
This often plagues me. Because there isn’t much that sets me apart, from an audience stand point, from the next blogger. I’m not bringing new and revolutionary ideas to the internet – and although I don’t lack passion, I sometimes lack vision. The one thing I’ve thought of that could potentially set me apart is a little (or widely, who knows) known fact about my husband and I.
Other than this hospital bill, that we are currently knocking out of the park – we are a debt free family. Our business is debt free, always has been. We do have a mortgage – but Dave Ramsey will even recognize this as debt free. So … there you have it. This sets us apart only because the “American way” these days seems to be consumer debt and hard knock debt and debt, debt and more debt. Have a business?? How much debt are you in? NONE! Yeah. So. I don’t really know if I want that to be what sets me apart. Because being debt free also implies that we have an amazing amount of disposable income, which … honestly, if it weren’t for the hospital bill we’re currently crushing, we would. But I’m a hoarder – and we’ve been over that.
But I don’t want this website to be “how to become debt free” – it’s a passion, a personal passion for our family. It’s how we believe we’re called to live. I’m not going to teach people how to be debt free, or even talk about it. The tagline of this site is not – Living life debt free! It has nothing to do with it.
So I’m stuck.
I don’t know how to get to the next level with this website. I do not want huge fame. The negative feedback and haters would probably kill my spirit and I don’t want that. I just want to be able to contribute. I want to work. For myself. I need the brain sex, so to speak, of doing something other than caring for small children.
Here’s some of my ideas:
More kitchen, cooking type posts with MORE photos. Lots and lots of photos. Baking without gluttony? As in – healthy baking. Throwing things together to see what comes out, etc.
I love antiques and vintage fare – I could find and create a bunch of different uses for items that are reusable. (I love this idea, actually, because it kind of gets all my favorites wrapped into one. Decorating, flea marketing, thinking outside of the box and creating, being creative.)
Change nothing and just continue to do this. A little of that, more of this and some of that over there. No real direction. But also no boundaries. Try it and love it or hate it.
OR??? What? What else, what would make you keep coming back here, what would make this website worth your RSS feed or any Reader program out there?


My household is sick right now, so posting will be light. In the meantime – check out these fun websites.
Simple Breakfast
Que Sera Sera she is the Cringe book author and Wince and Wine night inspirator (not a word, I know- but it fits so well)
Tiny House Blog
Nie Nie
Woke up this morning This is a little gem of a website I found through links on other sites – she is a sister of a friend and her writing is both inspirational and so easy on the eyes. Love her book reviews.
If you have some fun websites you go to often – let me know – I often feel like I’m in a rut with searching for new websites to read and love – link it up people!