Screen printing

My brother in law just introduced me to and oh man, do I owe him something big. Like 7 batches of cookies and then a screen printed shirt I make, BECAUSE NOW I HAVE TUTORIALS AT MY FINGER TIPS FOR EVERYTHING.
Man alive, I love this stuff.
I think I’m going to try to screen print a “Big sister” shirt for Jessica – this is what I’m thinking …
This is dangerous. Very. Very. Dangerous.

New to Etsy

New Etsy shop – found through flickr because the artist made one of my photos a favorite. Yay! Anyway – she makes jewelry and it’s to die for.
Pearl I am in love with this, if I hadn’t already bought my pregnant wedding ring (as in a larger ring for the swollen appendages) I would order this right now. But I’ll wait til after the baby is born now – maybe someone can put a bug in Aaron’s ear about this for a Mothers Day gift – or better yet – the “You just pushed a human out of you, I love you” gift.