Since I only work part time I have the ability to have dinner on the table waiting for Aaron, which would leave left overs for lunches and solve a ton of issues he seems to be having with eating at all during the day until 7 pm. It would also cut down on some spending and keep us healthier in many ways.

However, I can only make the same recipe once a month, maybe twice if I sneak it in, without Aaron getting huffy that we already had this dinner this month. He’s kinda picky. And I’m running out of tried and true recipes to make him – which means he comes home to an empty table and a hungry wife and we end up eating out or having cereal.

So I need some help – direct me to your favorite recipes, post them, email them or give me links to websites – I know about, and it’s helpful but I need more.

Whats your favorite genre of food – Aaron likes spicy or anything with meat. He likes Mexican alot too … but I have heartburn, so thats a no no mostly.

I like Italian, Aaron will eat it, but he prefers more substance. And I love casseroles.

So there you have it, feed me, literally. Give me food for thought, recipes and ideas. We’re running out at the Schaap house.

Plain M&M’s

When I mentioned earlier on Aarons site that I no longer had cravings for chocolate – I had forgotten what the plain m&m tasted like.

I mean, have you had one lately – what with all the candy coating and the semi soft, sweet, meltable chocolate inside. I don’t think I’ve even given it a chance to melt in my hands, I can’t get them to my mouth fast enough.

It’s heaven when you bite down and the coating crackles just so, and your watery mouth licks the supple chocolate from your cheeks and the texture, OH THE TEXTURE. A massage for the mouth.

M.U.S.T – H.A.V.E – M.&.M.’.S

Speech impediment

Apparently being pregnant makes my speech mechanism go on permanent vacation. I was at Subway yesterday getting lunch (have you had a 6 in turkey, lettuce, black olive and LOTS of mayo lately … you should) and when the clerk was asking me what I’d like on that sandwich I was like … green peppers, leafs, I mean BLACK OLIVES – not green peppers, I do not want green peppers. And Leafs – I mean lettuce, and some more of it.

I think the problem is, I was so ready to give her my order that I had already had the conversation in my head. In my mind, I had paid and was leaving with my lunch in toe. But then she asked the question and I was like … wait, what just happened?

I was hoping that was an isolated incident too, but then today at work – NOTHING worked with my mouth. I would be talking to someone and they would turn around and go about their business – was I actually talking? I have no idea. Do I have a background voice, possible. I was telling customers to have a good morning at 4:30, I meant weekend. I said hello instead of goodbye on numerous occasions. And then there’s those times that I just completely black out. No idea what’s going on whatsoever.

I read that forgetfulness was somewhat associated with a swelling belly and an outy belly button … but not being able to form the words you’re thinking … whats that?