I’m a little tomato plant

Here’s how to help me grow bigger and stronger.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

Bob as a blob! He’s not even a flower yet, isn’t he cute? You just bought a tomato plant from your local nursery or farmers market. Good idea.

Now pick some good, moist soil to plant him in. He likes coffee grounds (keeps the bugs away) and crushed egg shells will help the soil, too.

Dig a hole deep enough to encompass the bottom branches, but don’t break them.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

You just fold them over, gently, and cover with dirt during planting. Those branches will reach down and become roots – making your tomato plant bigger and stronger.

Bigger, stronger tomato plants

Soon Bob will be born! He’s delicious.

Happy gardening!

Missing something

Back yard

This is the backyard of the house we sold last summer.

That house was never going to be what we wanted in the end. We knew that going in to it from the very beginning. That house was always a stepping stone to something else but now as spring is coming and it’s the last place we officially called home … there are a few freedoms I’m missing.


growing, growing, growing

Planting flowers in beds and pots, opening the backdoor and watching the kids play on the swing set or trampoline.

I’m not sad or regretting where we are – but I feel like we’re so ready for what’s next and learning to have patience before we get there is tough.

I’m not gonna lie.

Patience. Kind-of. Sucks.

Planning a landscape

Hey hey!

I haven’t been blogging my way through the actual build of the new house for a myriad of reasons but it’s to the point of planning a landscape and I’m getting pretty darn excited.

Here’s a few things we’ll see in our yard pretty soon – and in full color next spring:

black eyed susan

Gold Rush Dawn Redwood

Photo credit for Dawn Redwood.

Also some lovely tall grasses, hydrangeas and some other fun stuff. What’s your favorite plant in your landscape? Anything I should know about planning one?

Got any good suggestions for a miniature tree near a house? Right now we’re considering the Bloodgood Japanese Maple but I’m not a huge fan of those kinds of little trees. I’d something less predictable. More worth it.

Dear Yard,

To my old yard … this is about the time of year we would start panicking about the sheer volume of work you involved. Leaves, leaves and probably some more leaves.

It was fun, yes. Of course we made the huge piles every year to play in. That was always the best part.

Jessica in the leaves

But can I just say how much I REALLY love not having to deal with that at all this year? Not even having to SEE that amount of leaves is calming in a way I never thought possible.

Our current yard (whom we are cheating so wonderfully on with you, old yard) is pretty much dirt. A whole lot of dirt. The black kind. The kind that is the messiest, which means the best to small people who love to get dirty.

So there you have it. I’m saying goodbye to you’re Oaks and your Maple’s and my Apple’s, Pear’s and Peaches.

I hope you’re enjoying the new rituals and rhythms of the family who has taken the task of making your jacket of colors their very own pile of fun.

Playing in the leaves!

Because your leaves of this season are the last I’ll ever see. The last thing that had to fall away before we really left you. Before it was final.


Bouquet of decay



I am in love with Poppies. They’re one of the flowers that takes my breath away instantly. Most flowers have that affect in a bouquet. I love getting bunches of beautiful color but Poppies are one of the few that are stunning all on their own, in my opinion.

For instance, a rose is not. It’s covered in greenery that’s too dark for my taste and thorns. The actual shape of a rose isn’t very pleasing to me, nor is the scent. I don’t “get” roses as one of the most over used flowers around, I don’t really enjoy them. They don’t feel special. The feel over worked.

Lily of the valley is my all-time favorite flower. For a couple of reasons: The dainty bell shaped flowers that gather on a stem; almost too small but supported by leaves that hug the delicate nature of the flower as it poisons the air with it’s fragrance. I mean that in a really great way. It releases it’s perfume in a lovely little cloud of invisibility and if you walk by a patch of the flower you’re all of a sudden surrounded in this lush smell, the tickling of your senses.

Poppies on the other hand are just so stunning. They grow in a field behind our house – and you’d never know they were there unless you first wade through the tall grasses filled with other wild flowers, weeds and animal burrows.


But then, out of nowhere, erupts this orange blossom. Standing tall. Being proud to be different.



And I literally cannot take it. I gasp. Every single time.

They have these pods before they bloom which look soft and almost fluffy and then it blooms into this silk petal with a satin shine. And the best part ever? The inside. The pollen. It’s dark purple and stains. It’s like powder and if you tip the flower over it’ll sprinkle like a fairy.




So we took a few for our yard.


And every time I look out side to see if they’re still there, I giggle.


I have a secret in my yard. A secret just for me.