Baby weight update – Weight Watchers

This week on Weight Watchers I didn’t lose any additional weight. This could be because I had 2 days where I didn’t keep track of my food, which usually makes for a harder week, or it could be because our scale is a little possessed. It weighs the air when we’re not around and then moves the temperament of the scale on it’s own. So I think I’ll be buying a new scale this week and re-trying the weigh-in – but I’m happy with the progress thus far.
I also had my 6 week check up with my OB yesterday, he was very pleased with my weight and how far I’ve come already – since the birth I’ve already lost 26 pounds – granted most of that was Oliver and all his living environment in the womb, and water – oh the water! He also let me know that my goal weight shouldn’t be what the charts say it should be. So – my goal has changed a bit – I don’t have as far to go as I thought!
Let’s keep it up all you lurkers out there in the same boat – I’m going to go ahead and say you’re doing awesome, we’re all doing awesome – and you look fabulous!

baby Wait or baby Weight?

I waited 9 months for the baby now how long do I have to wait for the baby weight to go?
Unfortunately for me, you never know – but it’s very important this time around that I lose this baby weight in a timely manner. The gestational diabetes dictates that I stay at a healthy weight for my size so I’ve got some work to do. No problem, really. I joined Weight Watchers.
A few years ago this would have been hard for me to write about, but you know what? This is my skin, and I like it. I’m not ashamed of myself, although my bust size really, really bothers me … but that will go down in time, too. I am feeding another human being, so I can be realistic about that.
I really don’t have an issue telling you all my weight and where I want/need to be but the problem there is – then it becomes about the numbers and it’s not about the numbers. If I only get half way to where the charts say I should be and I’m healthy and happy then I don’t personally see any reason to try to look like a teenager. I am who I am. I weigh in every Monday and I’ll probably do a small post about it to keep me on track – and have accountability. So far on Weight Watchers I’ve lost 4 pounds.
Who else out there needs some cheer leading in this department? Let’s do this together! Being healthy is never shameful – no matter your size or the number on your jeans. If you feel good, then you look good – period. I will totally be on your band wagon if you let me know you’re in this fight, too. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to willingly be at risk for Type-2 Diabetes. That is not an option for me.
Lets take our personal health by the horns and get it right, who’s with me?

Roller coaster called pregnancy

We’ve made it to the part of pregnancy where everything makes me cry. And I mean everything. This morning at church, singing songs – I’m sobbing. Aaron says “Hey babe” when he gets home every night – cue the water works. Jessica has a tender moment and says “I love you” – more tears.
Commercials make me cry, the sunshine makes me cry, the amount of water on my ankles really makes me cry. A warm shower will make me cry and so will a nice cold glass of water.
Music most definitely makes me cry, in the car, kitchen, where ever I am at the moment. Reading books to Jessica makes me cry and watching the baby move in my belly makes me cry.
These aren’t sad tears either – some times they’re not even happy … they’re just … tears. Lots of them. I’ve learned not to wear mascara to church anymore at this point, it’s just messy and really gross in the end.
And some times these little moments of tears, these emotional glimpses turn into the body wrenching – soul cleansing sobbing that happens every so often in a girls repertoire of life. And at the end of all that? It feels awesome. Renewed. Ready for the next commercial at any moment.

Get off it

This is a pregnancy update – so I stop getting phone calls prefaced with – “Are you in the hospital?” “Are you in labor?”
Stop it. All of you – and you know who are. I am talking to you. Stop.
Had another non-stress test today – went really well. Baby is a happy little guy in there, everything is looking wonderful. No change in the labor department. I’m still 3 centimeters dilated and 65% effaced.
We will not be announcing when we are in labor, we hope to go in to labor very soon – but for the love, please stop calling me and asking me if it’s happened yet. And just because I don’t call you back doesn’t mean we are in labor either – it means I’m ignoring you. And I’m busy.


Since everyone and their mother is waiting for me to have this baby and I’ve been consumed with thinking labor would or could start at any minute – I’m changing the direction of these thoughts today and making an effort to stop thinking about it already.
No matter how this baby gets here – he’ll be here before the end of May, which is only weeks away. In the mean time I’m going to take long baths, put my feet up, enjoy the present my wonderful husband got me in the cleaning service that comes once a week for the next little while. I’m going to bask in the sun with my daughter, play in the dirt and probably make a royal mess making something with her … like cookies or play doh.
I’m going to take walks and stop to pet the worms because Jessica’s fascinated with all things “creature” right now. We’re going to eat watermelon out of it’s core with spoons on the patio and buy fresh cut flowers from a local florist.
I’m going to plan our little get away for the end of May – and circle all the things I want to do around Tulip Time on the calendar and then dream about eating cotton candy and caramel apples. Then I’m going to save my pennies so I can actually eat a caramel apple when the time comes. I want to take a long walk downtown while the food vendors are hanging out and tell Jessica stories of all the Tulip Time’s past and how we ceremoniously eat at “Junk Food Alley” every year to kick off the Tulip Time season with my family. And how we still do it to this day, our own little tradition. A way of inaugurating this festival into our lives for the week or two it’s around. We love Tulip Time.
I’m going to make a t-shirt with Jessica that announces her Big Sister status, but only if and when she wants to help. This morning I’m going to carry her around like a baby because that’s what she’s requested and I’m enjoying every minute of her soft kisses and curly post-bath hair tickling my face as she pretends to coon like a newborn.
But right now? Right this minute – I’m going to make breakfast for her and I and then eat, in front of the TV with her while she watches Tom and Jerry because we never let her watch Tom and Jerry in the morning – or while eating breakfast. And today? Today is different. Today we’re thinking about something other than parenting or a baby coming. Today we’re thinking about the moments we pass up all too often to hurry on to the next thing in life – whether thats an appointment or an agenda or just simply something else to do. Not today. Today we’re embracing the small stuff.