Slightly stressing about:

-Not having cleaned the baby car seat yet – it’s still in the attic at this point.
-Most of the “baby things” are still in the attic – and I’d really just like to take stock of what we have and clean them all before Junior makes his way into the world, right now this isn’t looking possible.
-The bake sale – I’m ready, but if I go into labor in the next 24 hours my freezer is full of crap instead of meals to feed my family. Which, ok, is maybe not such a big deal – but if I send Aaron to the store for groceries we’ll be eating lobster for dinner every night – with a side of canned mushrooms.

I’m looking forward to:

Seeing my feet again.
Having ankles.
Holding a brand new baby.
Smelling his soft baby hair.
Watching Jessica fall in love (hopefully).
Watching Aaron with a new baby.
Eating cake. And ice cream. Without caring.
Bending at the waist.
Wearing shoes made for feet, not balls at the end of my leg.
No more shots.
No more poking my fingers.
Breastfeeding again.
Sleeping on my stomach.
Being able to say “kids” and be talking about my own.
Having a sleeping baby in my arms while Jessica runs rampant outside.
Taking a walk without a stroller – one walking and one in a sling.
Meeting him, seeing him, recognizing him – knowing he fits in our life.
Life continuing without much interruption – just going with the flow.

Dear Spine, Hips and Tail bone,

Hi. Remember me? I am the mass of muscle and veins that make up the thing you carry around all day. Yeah, I know – I think it’s a bitch lately too – but can we work together here? Sneezing does not give you permission to be a baby about this process and totally freak out and stop supporting this extra weight because I have a news bulletin for you – I cannot do this without you.
Tail bone? You and I need to have a little heart to heart here and I’ll do this in private so Spine and Hips don’t get all Hannah Montana on you – CUT THIS SHIT OUT. I am not kidding. I know February of 2007 was my fault, doing lunges without stretching was sure to make you pop and get angry with me. I have apologized on numerous occasions – and even taken you to the chiropractor more than once to be placed back in line. I thought this fight was over, I thought we had both moved on. We made up – I remember the sex, it was good – you said it was good. Were you lying about the make-up sex? Because if you were, we have a completely new issue to discuss here. I digress, I know – I’m sorry. But seriously. I’m about to get drill sergeant angry on your ass – which is really my ass – and we all don’t want to see that happen. It’s not pretty.
Spine and Hips – let me just say you do an awesome job most of the time. You really do get forgotten in all your day to day work of being my bones and well, you basically rock. However – for the love of everything holy – please, PLEASE hold it together for like 4 or 5 more weeks. PLEASE. I don’t want to waddle around anymore than you want to be waddled around – but I just can’t help it. Feel free to take up your complaints with my Pancreas – she’s on serious probation for starting this shit in the first place. I am so going to fire her secreting little mass of cells if she doesn’t start working the SECOND this kid is born. And you all have my word on that.
So basically bones – I love you. I do. But lets just take a moment to remind ourselves what we’re working towards here – a baby. A very adorable, chubby cheeked little boy who just deserves the best womb home I can give him – and that includes you, bones, so please do your job.
Sincerely and with fond love and appreciation (Tail bone, you’re still on thin ice),

My kid is amazing, and some other stuff

Jessica’s first portrait. I can’t get enough of this. She drew me this morning, pregnant and everything. GENIUS!
The folder of things we keep that Jessica colors, draws or writes it already full and she’s only 3. I’m going to need an entire cabinet for each kid. I am so OK with that.
Here’s an update on the medical goings on of this pregnancy as well …
Met with the dietitian and feel so much better about things – apparently I wasn’t getting enough carbs (odd) because I would have zero through out the day and then have a bowl of cereal – packed with carbs and mess the crap out of my blood sugar. So I have to have carbs at every meal and snack to keep everything even keel. Which is proving to be difficult because I feel full all the time and don’t really want to eat carbs or snacks – but I’m working on a meal plan that makes every one and every thing happy.
I am giving myself insulin twice a day – in the morning and before dinner. It’s not bad at all – needles and shots don’t bother me one bit and it doesn’t even hurt. So thats how everything is going.
On Monday we have another doctors appointment with our OB and an ultrasound to check the baby’s weight and see how things are going with him. I’m excited to see him again šŸ™‚
And as far as Jessica goes with her itching and all the skin problems we were having with her since her birthday – that’s pretty much cleared up too. We ended up switching her pediatrician for communication reasons and because “put lotion on her” wasn’t worth the out of pocket cost and attitude we received when we brought her in to her old pediatrician for some answers. This has been going on for 3 months now – lotion isn’t cutting it, thanks.
New pediatrician listened to all our concerns, heard us out and treated Jessica like a girl, not a patient. Also? Actually examined her and diagnosed Eczema – then gave us medicine that works wonders and she’s all clear.
So everyone is happy and healthy over here and it’s lovely.