Peak: {How to} Create Home Office Workflow

Better work flow: get organized

I’m over at Turnstone once again and this time I walk you through my workflow. Or lack thereof. Let’s get organized! And then use the dining room table, your buffet and the antique file cabinet as your main source of office space.

Clearing the clutter to get the productivity is a battle for me. My home office is either a kitchen table with dirty cereal bowls and a dinosaur brigade littered across it or our buffet top while I referee the bear hunt of the hour. Staying on top of our filing cabinet is right above “dust the baseboards” on my list of things I like to accomplish weekly yearly. So let’s be honest – I tackle this beast in a three year rotation.

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(I’m paid to write: Turnstone compensates me to contribute to their blog and tell you about it here.)

things just got weird

Weird like you almost set your stove on fire decided to kidnap your husband from work an hour early only to witness your daughter carry, trip and then fall to the ground on top of your son who’s head hits the parking lot pavement full force with 100 pounds of combined body weight and inertia is not on his side?

Then the screaming and crying that ensues, vomiting – bloody goose egg forms just above where his skull meets his spinal cord on his head?

Weird like that. Only weirder because here’s where it just gets weird. WEIRD.

Aaron starts to lose color in his face and says he feels dizzy. Asks for the keys to the car, grabs them from me and practically runs to the drivers side – getting in and turning on the AC full blast.

I follow with all his gear, carrying the crying 3 year old who is limp in pain on my shoulder and asking our daughter to follow along but assuring her that none of this is actually her fault. It was an accident.

I open the side door of the mini van and get the kids inside – checking my sons head and eyes – asking him how he’s feeling and requesting that Aaron move over to the passenger side so I can drive us to the doctors office before they close.

No response. I look over my shoulder to where he’s sitting just as his body falls weightless against the door, his hands shaking without will.

I opened the door to check on him and cannot see his eyes, instead I see the whites of his eyes flickering underneath his batting eyelashes, again without will.

I start to panic. Yelling his name, no response.

Nothing. More of the same eye-rolling-backwards flailing limbs. At one point he started talking to me but I couldn’t tell you about what. He didn’t make any sense but at least his voice was responding to mine. Soon after he came to enough answer my questions: What’s your name? Where are you? Are you ok? Do you still feel dizzy? Can you stand so we can move you?


He kept asking me to make it colder (AC already blasting on high). He was confused. My kids are still sitting in the back of the car … one with an injury of his own the other with a bruised spirit for causing the fall.

I couldn’t explain this. I didn’t know what to do, what just happened?

We finally got him moved to the passenger seat and I started driving to the ER when the color came back and he said “What happened?”. Still light headed, still in need of freezing temperatures … but at least I knew who was staring back me again. I could see the life had returned to his eyes, I recognized those glassy blues.

We still headed to the ER to check out our son who was complaining of a tummy ache post fall. I was expecting to have Aaron looked at too but after we got there (and my emotional break down in the car on the way to the ER) he said he would be ok. Then our son started acting fine, too. Like – no problem at all! Let’s get ice cream! kind of fine.

We talked to the admission nurses about it – they gave us some warning signs and said it would probably be fine to go home and watch him closely (avoiding ER costs) so we did.

We’re still watching – it was a very hard hit to the back of his head and Aaron seems to be ok, resting.

Things just got weird around here today. But the stove still works and so does my sons memory and Aaron’s limbs.

I need permission to ugly cry and eat chocolate, sleep in past 7 am – not shower and watch reality television marathons for 48 hours.

About me

A short history of my life online or: An indepth look at the layers that make up

Like so many websites started 10 years ago I began writing online as a way to just have a place to put my thoughts. Poetry, current projects with photography or print design. I was the go-to geek in my family, always playing with photoshop and being the tech-head in our house. Until of course I met and started dating my (now) husband. At the time he was light years ahead of me.

I stopped blogging for a time – finished school, started working … kept dating, bought a house with the guy – got engagedgot married and 9 months later found out we were pregnant!

Day after we found out we were pregnant with Jessica

^^ That’s me pointing to a baby in there. I was all of like 4 or 5 weeks pregnant. Thanks to good old early detection pregnancy tests. Also? I was ecstatic!

And thus began the very beginning of what this website has turned in to. Here’s the very first post published by Aaron (my husband) on an extension of his website. My part of the site was called “A Schaap Baby.” I began writing about my pregnancy so family and friends (out of state) could be up to date on the baby news.

I’ve never looked back. šŸ˜‰ While pregnant we decided to upgrade in housing. (Moving from first house together to new house, New (second) home as it looked when we bought it, Home as it looked when we sold 6 years later)

January 2005 we welcomed Jessica with waiting, open and loving arms to our family. We were that annoying couple who was so in-love with each other and our daughter that we passed out barf bags while walking down the road. (Here are some first photos of the munchkin.)

I continued to blog about motherhood and life, dealing with the death of my {step}dad who passed away while I was pregnant with Jessica. A day before my one year wedding anniversary.

In August of 2007 we found our we were pregnant again. I knew it was a boy right away – claiming to our daughter that mom just took a baby brother test and he was on his way šŸ™‚

Schaaps 2007

In May of 2008 we brought home a healthy baby boy, Oliver. Healthy being the operative word as I was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes weeks before my due date. (More on that here)

We were complete.

Mothers Day 2008

Aaaaaaand get ready for it because our life since baby boy came home has kind of exploded.

The first year of having two kids is kind of blurry. Oliver didn’t sleep through the night until I weaned him off breast feeding at 9 months old. Jessica started pre-school just three months after Oliver was born and I used to set the alarm after I dropped her off, feed Oliver and lay down until it was time to pick her up – only 2 short hours later. I was running a parental marathon of staying awake on no sleep and still keeping a house clean and bellies fed. It was “the adjustment period” in our lives.

Then Aaron’s job turned a corner and affected us in ways that began to pile up on me. We’re still reeling from this “adjustment period” in our marriage, home life and living situation. We’re not shy to admit we’ve been to marriage counseling more than once. I love the guy and definitely want to have a healthy, lasting life full of laughter, happiness and growth together.

Here’s a look at the beginning of the “major business period” in our lives.

I’m a self described wife of a Serial Entrepreneur. There needs to be a support group for women like me. Like no other time in history – the families of this Start Up decade are affected, stretched and often broken because we’re no longer working with boundaries for our lives. The office is always available, the job or website, app or software always beckoning to be fixed.

So obviously I started my own company too. In January of 2010 I started Gleek Retreat with another local blogger and friend, a conference for bloggers by bloggers.

I also began my Life List the year before and actually sold the conference as a company the year after it began (so, if we’re following along – started it 2010, sold it 2011) and when the purchaser of the company rescinded on the contract Stacey and I regained ownership of the franchise and are once again planning and running the conference. I have never been happier.

You might have also seen me here:

I’m writing for Turnstone and you can see about that here and read my articles here and here.

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Not only all of this. ALL OF THIS. But in July of 2010 we sold our home. And from here I’ll bullet point the process for you:

Selling our home was a huge decision. One that turned our life upside down. We went from owning to renting with the intention of building a new home, all the while becoming debt free. I tackled the topic on a regular basis in order to keep everyone up to date on our living situation and while we were building the house to move in to … that house sold too.

More on that here, here, here, here and here.

I recapped a bit of our journey on living without credit card debt, bank rolling purchases and getting close to being able to be completely bone dry debt free and then we tried to buy a little house.

Tour of adorable bungalow here.

Months after quotes, offers, acceptances and meetings we had to announce that we were not buying the house after all.

And since then? I’ve been daydreaming of a home we might some day get to live in. I’ve made wish lists of what I want to gain from this experience. We’ve lived in this apartment for a roller coaster 12 months. It’s anyone’s guess what’s next for us.

I get paid to write. You can contact me if you’re interested in a unique partnership with I also co-own a Media company: MediaTreats, LLC: which executes retreats, conferences and think tanks. We’re connected and we specialize in extending the invitation to companies and individuals to bridge the gap between “you” and “them”. Representing Awesome on a daily basis.

My photography is a huge part of what I do – and if you hire me, it’ll be a huge part of what I can do for you.

Other opportunities to get involved with me:

Sponsor my Life List.

Become a Sponsor for Gleek Retreat 2012.

My rates are as follows:

I do monthly retainers beginning at $1,000/mo for up to 3 blog posts for your site.

For a How To post with photos rates begin at $300 per post and go up depending on time, topic and involvement.

I love collaboration – contact me for those rates.

Beginning Sponsorship on my Life List starts at $1,000 plus any possible travel accommodations.

I’ve also been known to work for trade. Got something you think I need? And you need my expertise? Let’s chat. Thinking outside of the box is my specialty.

Thanks for taking the time to get an in-depth look at me, what this space is all about and how I found my calling through my passion for writing. Living my life is never dull, welcome to the ride.

I want to know …

What should we do when we’re debt free?

Piggy bank after premature opening of gifts

Anything special on my Life List? Should we do a dance on camera and post it online? Submit our entire story to Dave Ramsey? Drive on down to his show and yell on air?

Leave a comment and tell me, in your wildest dreams (within budget of course!) what would YOU do to celebrate being debt free??!

You’ll be the first to know and it’s getting seriously close. How are we going to ring in this occasion? And will you ring it with me?