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Photos of the amazing ride

Inspired by Maggie Mason I wrote and published this list of 100 (or so) things to do in my life time. Little did I know that writing this down on paper and letting other people believe in my dreams with me would result in such a fantastic ride. I’ve done more on this list in the first year than I thought I would accomplish in 5. That’s life, friends. Yay Life!


Take a month long road trip with no destination Summer 2016: Accomplished

Watch Jessica meet Ariel for the first time, in person, at Disney World.

Do staged photography as family photos

Cook/Bake creative things with my kids as the master chefs in our kitchen.

Make an apple pie from the apples of our own trees

Dig for clams with kids Summer 2016: Accomplished

Camp under the stars more often

Hang a map and pin all the places we’ve been, make it a tradition

Institute a pajama tradition for winter holidays

Pay for each child’s tuition in cash Ongoing: Accomplishing

Watch either child teach something to the other

Watch Aaron teach Jessica how to ride her bike without training wheels September 8, 2009

When Jessica reaches the 48” mark, drop everything and go to Cedar Point with her, ride every single ride

Have neighbors with children who are playmates for our kids Moved to our neighborhood in 2012: constantly discovering this accomplishment

Spend a month in Peru

Videotape all grandparents telling their stories of life

Record a CD for my kids of me singing their favorite songs, reading their favorite books

Get in the habit of doing grand gestures for my kids: Breakfast

Become a family who hikes together.

Teach Jessica how to walk in heels

Do all 50 with my kids.

Try at least 20 of these foodstuffs. YUM.


Visit a farmers market in Spain Summer 2013: Accomplished

Cultivate a successful garden, every year.

Own and operate my Chicken Coop Cottage business

Get a college degree

Learn carpentry

Lose 30 pounds

Meet Maggie Mason

Tell stories with my photography

Win Lakeshore Fine Arts Juried Competition.

Learn how to salsa dance

Learn how to throw glass

Sell a company (Gleek Retreat Blogging Conference)

Learn Spanish

Become well read

Spend a weekend with women who’ve inspired me … pampering them. (My own version of a Legends Ball – Oprah style)

Go skydiving

Go bungee jumping in Canada I think here

Make lovely things.

Touch a whale

See the Northern Lights

Spend a weekend at a working ranch, helping and learning

Milk a cow by hand. How about a goat?

Safari in South Africa

Become a published writer for magazines {Creative Humans Fall 2010}

Frontier an urban movement

Buy a bottle of Crystal in celebration

Collaborate Many, beautiful times.

Do a studio show

Be part of a flash mob dance

Contribute to one of my favorite websites

Do a home renovation project on my own

  • Re-caulked the bath tub after mildew moved in. A two week process for correct ventilation. I am a rock star.

Have a surreal experience

Photograph more beautiful scenes {Oklahoma}

If ever overcome with emotion, let it go and cry freely

  • Happened one September 2009 evening. I don’t think I’ll tell this story.

Do something really scary, like submit art for review.

Always try new things.

Camp near a waterfall

Sell our house

Finish decorating a home

Plan a wedding for someone

Witness a birth other than my own

Spin a globe and where ever our fingers stop it – buy tickets within the hour for the next flight out of town

Be really, really surprised

Visit ruins of ancient civilizations

Rent a beach house with friends Accomplished in North Port, Mi.

Gallop on horseback more often

Learn more about my faith

Knock a wall down Fall 2014: Accomplished

Reupholster furniture

Wake up consistently before everyone else in the house Fall 2016, Accomplishing

Learn Botany

Get my blood sugar issues resolved once and for all

Compete in an athletic race: running, swimming … whatever. Yup, did that!

Fumble less through public speaking, interacting with the public

Order a dirty martini with 3 olives in a hotel bar in NY wearing a swank black dinner dress.

Sit on my dad’s porch in Alaska some day.

Stand on a cliff and breath Fall 2015: Catskill Mountains

Wear wedding dress while I A) jump into a body or water and B) participate in a food fight

Visit Santorini, Greece

Be generous Hopefully I’m constantly accomplishing this one. My favorite compliment ever was when a friend said she loved my “generous spirit” and I never want to be anything else.

Live mortgage/debt free. Yup, debt free.

Live somewhere new for 6 mo or a year.


Hot Air Balloon ride over Irish country side

Raise chickens

Vacation yearly with Aaron {2010, anniversary}

Tour Europe, not necessarily by backpack

Stand by Aaron’s side as he accepts a VC check

Have a vacation home Live on the water. Mmmmm, Lake Michigan.

Build my dream kitchen Winter 2015: Accomplished

Do a deep sea dive in a submarine

Go lobster fishing for dinner

Go backstage after a concert

Vacation on a yacht

Build a house

Vacation in Argentina

Go on a cruise

Swim in the Gran Cenote in Tulum, MX


Here’s a few other lists I’ve made recently: Mothers Day 2010, Things to do before I’m 27

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