Because tired never meant feet aching, back braking, eyes watering, mouth yawning torture before all this.

Yea, I’m tired. Exhausted. We’re moving. And I’m pregnant, almost 5 months pregnant. My size 4 feet are swollen and my toes hurt from the pressure of my growing body. My back hurts just because it hates me and my eyes WON’T STOP WATERING nor will my mouth NOT STOP YAWNING!

The sad thing is, this is the first night we started packing. Granted it’s at the end of my night – when I’m tired anyway, but it doesn’t help. Bending over 3,000 times in less than an hour to put mugs, glasses, vases and other breakables in a box on the floor … yea – not so fun at 10 pm.

I’ll be this tired and worse for atleast the next 2 months, if not more. We have to paint 4 rooms, re-carpet 3, put new vinyl in the kitchen, update the electrical and put a new roof on the new house.

We’re crazies. I know. And we knew all this when we looked at the house and decided to buy it. We’re in love with it though and have most everything covered as far as who’s putting the carpet in and what not. So hopefully we won’t have to break our backs in a matter of weeks to finally live in the house we purchased. But it is going to take some time.

Now & Then

A side by side comparison of Jodi's stomach early in the pregnancy or at 18 weeks

This is the progression to date. The first photo I’m 2 months or so pregnant and bloated – and then the second photo I’m 4 1/2 months pregnant and swollen. Good transition if you ask me.

So this pregnancy stuff is pretty easy – just wait for #2 in like 10 years, I’ll probably be sicker than a dog and wonder why I thought I ever wanted to do this again. But oh well, I’m having a blast with it now.

I just had another doctor’s appointment this past Thursday. I’m measuring at 2 fingers below the belly button, which is normal for how far along I am and everything is fine. Baby’s heartbeat is a strong 146. And I haven’t fainted in 3 weeks! Right now the baby is about 5 inches long and the size of an avocado. Which would weigh in and a rough 1/2 pound.

Apparently I had gained a little weight since last seeing my doctor and they wanted to assure me that a small jump is ok. The thing is, I’m supposed to gain weight. If I don’t eat, my baby doesn’t grow and I get crabby. I want my baby to grow and Aaron doesn’t want me crabby. So of course I’m gaining weight.

I don’t even know what my pre-pregnancy weight was. We don’t own a scale for a very calculated reason. Therefore, my weight can’t determine who I am or what I feel like and I can be happy because I fit in the clothes I own. So a small jump in weight, which I’m assuming some pregnant ladies watch REALLY carefully … um, it’s normal to me. Pregnant = gaining weight. I mean, maybe it’s just me and I’m really out there, but it seems like common sense to me.

And we all know it takes or can take up to a year or longer to get back to whatever pre-pregnancy jeans were … I’m just going to assume it’ll take me 18 months to 2 years. I think being realistic in my gene pool is much easier than dieting endlessly for more than a year to only gain it all back in pity eating. Plus nursing apparently helps the process, and, God willing, I’ll be nursing … so we’ll just see how it goes.

What do I mean by “God willing, I’ll be nursing”??? Of course you’ll be nursing! You’re doing this pregnant thing THE RIGHT WAY, don’t stop at nursing!!!!

I know that’s what you’re thinking you people who either do or don’t have children and read way too much … but I had a breast reduction and although the chances are high I’ll be able to breast feed, it’s not guaranteed and it’s simply trial and error. So again, we’ll see.

Life is too short to expect everything and gain nothing and then hope for what we lost.

Watch out, we’re hormonal.

Did you really think that we would name our child Baldwin Arilies or Narda Chavelle … ???

I mean, seriously. For those of you who were trying to think of ways to compliment either name when the baby was born, please be relieved to know that it was a joke. Just don’t be asking us what the names are that we really have picked out because then we will be forced to name our child either Baldwin or Narda.

Now that the hormones are really starting to get in my way lets just get a few things out in the open. I cry when I haven’t eaten by 7 pm because by then it’s too much work to make a meal and too late to wait for a seat in a restaurant.

My feet, which are, no kidding, size 4 in real life are the size of small soccer balls. My toes serve no balance purpose whatsoever anymore and it hurts to get up after sitting for more than 10 minutes.

Seeing an elderly man shiver a bit from a chill makes me cry. Seeing a baby smile at their mother in the grocery store, makes me cry. Aaron says Hi when he gets home, it makes me cry.

Thinking about the color and decor of the nursery makes me cry, the feeling of a warm shower makes me cry and when Aaron rubs my feet – you’re right, I cry. But not because it’s sweet. It actually hurts when he rubs my feet and that mixed with the AWESOME feeling of NOT being on my feet is overwhelming.

There aren’t enough pickles in a jar and I now know why people want pickles with their ice cream. They’re not crazy.

And since we’re throwing caution to the wind, lets just talk about the boobs. Because fabric is stimulating I ALWAYS look like I’m freezing. And, I’m sorry, but it’s embarrassing for me too. SO STOP LOOKIKNG AT THEM! It really doesn’t help that I work in customer service and almost every male customer thinks he’s smart enough to somehow distract me or avert their eyes … I can tell when you’re not looking at my face.

Heres the kicker …

As I type, my abdomen is being kicked, as is this laptop sitting on my abdomen. I’ve been able to feel this wonderful little thing for about a week and a half already, but it’s getting continually stronger.

It started out as just some fluttering as they would say. Sometimes it felt like someone was flicking me from the inside – it was awesome. Now it’s a good old (light albeit) tap on the ol’ innards.

Everytime I feel the stirring start I quick grab Aaron’s hand and jab it to the general area. He’s usually mortified that the jabbing is even taking place, and when I say Push harder – it’s ok … his face scrunches up and he looks at me like I’m mostly crazy but whatever.

For those of you who think pushing on a pregnant abdomen is somehow wrong or abusive, let me just say – first – are you female? Have you been pregnant, read the books, or talked to a doctor? Second I’ll point out that this baby is more carefully protected and isolated from the outside world, or pressure from a palm than Mike Meyers in the Fat Bastard suit.

Aaron hasn’t really felt the baby yet, and probably won’t be able to for a few weeks or even months yet … but it’s worth a try, crazier things have happened.

I can’t wait for the night that we forgo the movie rental and spend the ENTIRE evening watching my belly move or rather the baby moving my belly.

Cross your fingers

As some of you might know, either by word of mouth, internet or THEPARAGON.ORG – our house is for sale. For a few reasons, the biggest being THE BELLY. (da da da duh!!!) We have a 2 bedroom house and Aaron works out of one of them, this baby was going to sleep in the bathtub until recently.

World, we might have sold our house. Knock on wood, cross your fingers and poke a needle in your eye. Let’s hope so. You see because it’s getting to the point that moving sounds fun and everything, but I’m very tired, and not much help as it is, sorry Aaron. We all know I’m only going to get bigger from now on and moving in 2 months is going to be a WHOLE ‘nother story people. The swelling, the jabbing in the ribs, the not bending or being able to see my feet – picture me carrying boxes down stairs, or up them for that matter.

And since fainting seems to be my only pregnancy issue thus far, I don’t think we need me carrying any sort(s) of objects.

Not to mention the nesting. I want so badly to go in every store and buy! buy! buy!. I know this is partly just impulse, I am a woman for goodness sake … but we’re having a baby in a few months and I have NOTHING. Well, except for those few things. But the big stuff, and a nursery … we don’t have a nursery … and I want a nursery like a child at the fair who can’t reach the cotton candy counter yet and has to jump to be seen … I’m totally jumping for a nursery.

I’ve been getting magazines with room ideas for kids, and I think I have a few solid ideas for themes … but I feel like if I mention them the general public will decide for me and start accessorizing – kinda like when you have a little something in your kitchen and your mother or sister happens to notice the chickens or the apples and then for the next ten years on your birthday all you get is chickens or apples. Which are totally useful since you’ve moved twice and are now onto herbs and cottage chic … but whatever.