Busy Saturday

Today is much better. This morning we headed downtown as a family while Aaron had a meeting and we tagged along for a few minutes. Then Jessica and I broke off and did some pretty cool things.
Like take Jessica’s first trip to the Peanut Store, read some books at Treehouse Books and had breakfast at JP’s. The we rode around town looking at the snow and houses, because looking at houses and real estate in general is one of my most favorite things to do. Ever. And Jessica made her first music video while all of this was going on. (featured below)
THEN! Because I have some very awesome friends who volunteered their time and energy to babysit for us today, Aaron and I had a few hours to ourselves. We did the Gallery Walk downtown Holland – and window shopped and generally had a fabulous time walking around. We also drove around, checked out a hotel for our weekend getaway coming up and drove to the lake to see the frozen waves. But we also stopped and ate at Sluggo’s – which serves awesome pizza, among other things before coming home again to a napping little girl and a few minutes to get lost in the “WWW”.
But wait! It doesn’t stop there, tonight I’m getting out with a girlfriend to see a movie and have dinner. My day is definitely better today. Nothing like a little human contact.

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