Imaginative play

In an effort to aid the imaginative play we raided Goodwill today looking for hideous jewelry, scarves and very sparkly belts and over sized sweaters. We didn’t find any worthy enough clothes, just the accessories but it’s all very ugly. Ugly and big.
I used to have these very large red sunglasses that I would call my “rich lady glasses” and my mom would let me play “driver” in our minivan for hours while I chewed a ridiculous amount of Big Red and yelled at my kids in the back seat.
I also had an imaginary friend named ‘Journey’ who lived with us in Nigeria and moved around until Texas – then something happened. Maybe it was the discovery of my “peaceful tree” or the fact that Journey decided I was a 6 year old lunatic. Both options are likely. I don’t know if Jessica will develop an imaginary friend or if we’re past the stage of possibility but if she does there will be a place at our table for them.

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