Very very long day, did I mention is was long

There hasn’t been a nap today. Well, there was that 35 minutes in the car from GR back to Holland that she shut her eyes. Other than that – we’re on the brink of a mental and physical break down here.
I think I can make it for another hour before I fall over and sleep through the night but Jessica? she can make it maybe 20 more minutes. The fact that Whinnie The Pooh is making her angry is a pretty good indication that if we miss the ‘sweet spot’ for getting her to bed, we’re in for a very long night.
She did incredibly well while Aaron and I made her sit in the stroller so we could shop for clothes. But if I have to sit in another mall play area and watch 87 children fight over the same square foot of play equiptment, I’m going to go mad. Saturdays are not the best days to go out with your 2 year old to a busy mall, let alone two in the same day.

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