Wanted: Foam donut

A few months ago I was doing squats at the gym with a girlfriend when I heard a POP in my tail bone. It hurt like hell for a week or so and I had a hard time sitting on it – but it got “better” and eventually the pain dulled. I’ve been telling myself I would make an appointment with our chiropractor the next time it really hurts – which is every time I have sugar, of any kind, or dairy. I still haven’t made the appointment.
Tonight after making a trip to the Peanut Store to get some pink peppermints for Blades Of Glory I promised myself to call tomorrow. I’m too young to be having issues with my bones already.
I’ve never had any kind of screws in my body for injury’s but I imagine this is what it feels like, without the pain med’s, grinding bone on bone with arthritic pain.

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