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Some time this month at …
A cooking lesson – Broccoli Rabe (pronounced ROB) Pilaf. I’ve tried this on my friends, they loved it and didn’t even care that it was uber healthy for them. I spent this past year in wholisitc health counseling with Jill Tanis, something I would highly, highly recommend to any one. More on that later, if you’re interested. If you want to make it with me you’ll need:
– 1 bunch Broccoli Rabe also called Rapini in the stores
– brown rice
– 2 shallots (from the onion family, you could sub onions for the shallots, but believe me, you’ll want to try the shallots.)
– cashews – this CAN be omitted or you can sub another type of nut. I’ll be using cashews.
– parsley
– parm. cheese (I won’t be using this because of my dairy sensitivity, but I’ll be sure to include where to put it in the recipe for you)
– Vegetable stock – or any kind of stock you have on hand, chicken, beef, etc. You could just use water as well.
A virtual tour of our house, after spending hours this weekend rearranging and re-purposing most of our furniture, well – we might as well show it to some one.
Per usual around here we’ll also have some more photos of Jessica, I’m certain of it. And a video.
Also I’ll be answering questions that you leave in the comments or via email about this website, myself, wholistic health counseling, or anything in general. So stop sitting there idly reading this website and interact! I’d love to know what it is you’re dying to know. ASK!
Poppy Cotton for inspiration on home design or just something new to look at.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading one of the healthy cook books you recommended earlier, and I think i am finally starting to see the results in my life and diet from including more wheat. I’m curious to know more about this nutrition counseling. I checked out the web page and it sounds kind of intriguing to me. Did you meet with her twice a month? how much was the cost of your “program”? I tend to use food as a resource for when i feel moody and I’d like to stop this. Is that kind of thing included in the counseling? Would you recommend it–was it very helpful to you?

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