We’re a curious breed

I like to scrapbook. Alot. Before I was 18 I tried to become a Creative Memories Consultant but they’re pretty strict about that so the month I turned 18 I signed up. I only did it for a little over a year or so and have just in the past year finally gotten rid of most of the stock I kept in my basement on ebay. So much crap. Seriously. Scrap bookers are a brew of their own.
But I love it. I LOVE looking back at the books I’ve done and seeing the pictures. I like pictures. I take way too many. About twice a year I get the urge to get caught up and I spend a week in the middle of piles of paper and photos and just get ‘er done. Right now I’m working on Jessica’s album, because – seriously? is there anything else TO work on? Thats what I thought.
I’m up to/around 18 months on her book so I have about a year to catch up on – which isn’t a big deal for me. I used to put an entire book together for other people in under 24 hours. I’m not a lolly-gager when it comes to this stuff. You put some paper down, you crop your photos, maybe you have some stickers – you journal and you move on to the next one. I average 10-12 pages an hour or so (which would be 5-6 pages that are double sided).
So I’m in the throws of baby hair and first pony tails right now. So much fun. And back to work.

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