Escape Artist

I put Jessica down for her nap and she was almost immediately asleep so I ventured to the garage to price our stuff for the sale tomorrow. When I came inside to check on her there was no Jessica in her bed, or her room, or our bed or room … any where.
Panic much? I ran down stairs and there she was, sitting on the floor – watching the elderly exercise channel on TV and looking at photo albums. Like, no big deal.
Very big deal. I asked her what in the Sam Hill she was doing – a phrase I heard a lot growing up and we always knew by that phrase that we were in trouble. Because Sam Hill? He was Mom’s crazy uncle who came out when we were misbehaving. And we totally knew they meant business when Sam Hill was being thrown around.
Jessica, not so much. I put her back in bed only to find her escaping 30 minutes later. This time I caught her and sent her right back to bed. I think we may have missed the opportunity for a nap today. Oh brother.

2 thoughts on “Escape Artist

  1. That is so funny (not the panic mode part) because Tim and I just had a conversation about that very thing. He was asking me how we were going to keep Abbi in her bed when she moved to a toddler bed. I told him that when we move her to her “big girl” bed when she’s 16 (years, not months), she’ll be old enough to understand when I tell her to stay in bed. He did not find me humerous. Good luck on the Garage Sale tomorrow!

  2. I know what you mean! Jessica hasn’t ever gotten out of bed until last night – the trick is to put her to bed at the right time. We tried putting her down early and that just spells trouble. And then this afternoon – she got out a THIRD time. yeah. Not happy. But she did go to sleep finally and is still sleeping – looking like a 3 hour nap. Nice!
    Hopefully we sell enough stuff tomorrow so I don’t have to bring any of it home. I hate bringing it home. Have a good weekend!

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