Sleep tight

Free Sudoku anyone? Yeah, I finally gave in and tried it. Addicting? At least I’m not watching old reruns on the tube all night. I’m working my brain. Yeah, yeah, thats it.
Homemade chicken noodle soup on a cool evening – check.
Excited about Shipshewana tomorrow? Double check.
Mood greatly increasing since taking a walk down the road for some lemons all the while carrying Jessica close to my heart in her sling? Check, check and check.
Impulse buys along with lemons? Famous Root Beer for me, beef jerky for my stud and a push pop for the little misses. Totally want to live closer to down town, but they need a grocery store first. Holland? WORK ON THAT!

2 thoughts on “Sleep tight

  1. Amen to a downtown grocery (though I do need to check out that one in Washington Square, its one of the few small ones I haven’t been in yet).
    I think a nice one could work right downtown, but the two that have tried in my short time here were not cool enough. Cool is a must (nobody wants mini shopping carts).

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