7 thoughts on “Inactive

  1. Dear Jodi ~
    How about a compromise of ONE a week…feasible? I know the REAL things are bestest of all ~ but I will miss my Jessica videos that I can play over and over when I feel the need. And I meant what I said yesterday, Jodi ~ and more ~ we are so thankful for God’s gift of you…
    Mom Schaap

  2. Nope – sorry. I won’t be writing at all here anymore. I’ll probably still keep the videos going on you tube – that really has nothing to do with this site – I would just post it here to let people know there was one up – so you’ll still be able to see the videos. I’ll probably end up emailing that kind of stuff out to family now instead.
    Thank you for the compliment – 🙂
    Signing off

  3. Hey, Jodi-I’ve gotten a kick out of reading your posts and I love looking at your pictures since I know a lot of the people in them…but blogging can be addictive and time consuming! You have a talent though and I hope that you will continue writing in some venue. Thanks for sharing while you could. I’m glad you’ll still be putting up your flicr pix!

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