Feeling like Fall

Today feels a whole lot like Fall around here and I’m loving it. Apple picking season is in full swing and pretty soon it’ll be time to pull out the pumpkins to decorate and celebrate a growing belly by seeing it!
I don’t “feel” pregnant with this baby – I just know I am. I’m taking a much different approach to this pregnancy also … like not eating anything I want because I’m pregnant. No. I’m starting out a little heavier than I wanted to be, but thats OK – I’ll just have to stay active and eat right. Trying to really keep an eye on my sugar intake and being sure to take the supplements I need along with eating the right veggies. Fruits are never a problem but some how veggies go by the way side even though I love them.
No weird cravings yet. The only ailment is fatigue thus far and I’m keeping that at bay by sleeping when Jessica is taking her nap and getting to bed much earlier than before.
Unfortunately Aaron is off to Boston already today – he’s sitting in Newark’s airport waiting for his connecting flight to take off, it’s delayed. I am super excited about meeting him out there on Friday. We both have tried to convince the other to buy a ticket for Jessica to come along after all – but luckily when one of us is weak the other is level headed. Our plans did change a bit though – we’re planning on staying with some friends and maybe getting a hotel for one night instead of the whole time I’m out there. Which should be a lot of fun. And we’re hoping to get together with Aaron’s Uncle who lives out in that area also. We’ll get to see a few people we rarely get to spend time with. Bonus.
Other than that – we’re just looking for some ideas of how to stay busy for the next 4 days without spending alot of money. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can go to parks often. Something about sitting within the 4 walls of my house for 72 hours straight makes me want to scream some times. (I might need to get used to that though, huh?)

3 thoughts on “Feeling like Fall

  1. i’ve got thursday off… call if you’re bored 🙂 Jessica can come see the kitties if she wants, or we can figure out something to do for a while!

  2. This is my favorite time of year! I cant wait for the leaves to turn color and then hear the crunching of leaves under my feet!!

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