Our insurance doesn’t cover pregnancy. Someone please hold my head up while I wail. They do offer a pregnancy rider … which we’re looking into – but it would add a good $200 or more to our monthly premium PLUS we’d still have to pay the deductible of over 3 grand. (We’re trying to get that lowered as we speak).
I’ve applied for Medicaid, but we make too much money – and the Group 2 Insurance offered through Medicaid has a stipulation of how much money you can have in the bank in order to qualify … we don’t. We make good money, I’m not complaining but enough to pay for $7,000 in hospital bills which don’t even include the doctors visits?
I called the hospital to ask them for some advice – they didn’t have much but they gave me a run down of the cost these days to pop out a kid in a sterile room …
Vaginal birth with no complications:
– $4,758
Newborn Cost (just because there’s another beating heart)
– $1,620
– $185
– $6,300 to $11,500
A healthy baby
– Priceless (chink!)
Oh, and they give you a max of 7 pay periods to pay in full. How nice.
I have a call in to a friend whose wife works in insurance – we’re going to see what we can do – possibly switch companies so that the pregnancy is covered and our deductible isn’t outrageous.
I would have to say this is the only thing I miss about Aaron working for a company rather than being self employed. Insurance. The life sucking, wallet raping whores who are insurance companies and health care.
Thats right. I just said that. Out loud. (in my head)

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  1. wow.
    that’s my first thought.
    my second thought. i never, i mean never pay my tuition on time at school. they tell me i have to pay it with in 10 days. i don’t. the real deadline is the end of the semester b/c i can’t start classes again. what are they going to do if you don’t pay w/in 7 pay periods–take back the epidural, or confiscate your baby?
    not that i’m all about paying things late, but really. i mean lets be honest, who could pay for all that right away? its crazy!
    see you tomorrow for a kitty visit šŸ™‚

  2. As long as you are paying off your medical bill, they can do nothing about it. So if you are just paying $20 a month for the next several years…from what I understand they can do nothing to you! (As long as you are making some payment every month!) Also, look into local hospitals, some offer financial assistance, they do hear in IL anyway! My husband had to have surgery and we couldn’t afford it and the hospital paid 100% of the bill!!

  3. Can’t they add interest to the bill? We have a while to save for it – so I don’t think we’ll be in that much debt and they did tell me about the financial assistance. We’re still looking into different insurance and or and add on to our current policy. The funny thing is, we asked all these questions when we were applying for insurance on our own the first time … but somehow this information was skewed to their advantage …

  4. I’ve heard Dave Ramsey talk to women about this issue and he suggests talking with the hospital and telling them that you are prepared to pay cash at the time of the birth if they are willing to discount the total cost. I know it sounds weird but there are some hospitals that are willing to do it and will seriously cut the cost for you. I think he said that most hospitals will ask you to put half down a month or two before your due date. It still sucks to have to pay that much but he said he’s seen hospitals cut the price in half if they know they are going to get the money from you right away.

  5. Ah yes, Stacey – I know I’ve heard him say this too – and I asked the hospital about this … but of course there is a loop hole … since I have insurance on myself in any other way I’m not eligible for the discount which they freely offer to those customers paying straight up cash, with no insurance whatsoever. But since I have insurance that doesn’t cover pregnancy they still have to bill the insurance and wait for them to say it’s not covered, then bill me. Alot of paper work for the answer we all already know. So – yes, I was excited about that too but I don’t qualify for that either.

  6. There is no interest on medical bills! (In IL anyway) They may send you warning letters that they will give your bill to a credit agency, however, as long as you are making some sort of payment they cannot turn you over to the credit agency. (This is all from my IL experience so I hope that it helps!)

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