Introducing Petey

On the way to brunch this morning Jessica announces to me that her dog, Petey, was in the car with us. We have the birth of her first imaginary friend. I’m in love. I had an imaginary friend and I always hoped my kids would have one, too. Shut up psychotherapy people.
After brunch I asked her if we should take the rest of her bacon to Petey, whom she left in the car to eat, and she looked at me like – um, Mom. Really? Then I was told that Petey does not like bacon – he likes Bones (duh). Oh. Well then, good to know. Next time I have a bone I’ll give it to Petey – and she agreed.
We made a stop at the indoor play ground to tire her and her cousins out before nap and she again left Petey in the car – some how she knows that dogs of any fashion aren’t normally allowed where people go freely. But when we were all done and back in the car – there was Petey, waiting for her. Oh – so cute, she says. Like he’d been peering out the window for her return.
This. This is what being almost 3 is all about in my book. Imagination.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Petey

  1. that’s it.. you need to get a dog.. and name him Petey! HOW CUTE! A puggle! Or a wrinkle dog! I’m a genius! šŸ™‚ I also know how you want to rip through the computer and kill me right now. Don’t worry I won’t say anything to Jessica……. or will I? MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

  2. I love it! I had an imaginary friend, and spent some of the finest moments of my life with him until he ran off with his girlfriend around the time I started Kindergarten. It makes me very sad to think that little boys are less inclined to develop an imaginary friend, but I still really hope Levi has one someday! Will Petey be camping with us this weekend?

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