Wooden Toys

I’m a super huge fan of wooden toys for kids, my kids especially. I love how they look and feel and how durable they are against the wear and tear of teething, chewing, banging and, in general, just experiencing life as a 2 year old.
I try to buy wooden when we purchase toys for Jessica and a great place to do this locally is The Toy Shelf but if you’re not local or want more variety I’ve found a few great online stores to look through:
Muji A European online store with great wooden toys and toy ides.
Dragonfly Not only do they offer wooden toys as a category – but if you look around they offer so much more. Such as their craft and art supplies/toys and especially these (although they’re sold out for the time being). I know my kid has colored on the walls and windows. Why not give them some guidelines and a few colors and see what happens?
And as always Amazon has just about everything. A quick search for “wooden toys” and I get a variety of creative and well made toys to peruse. I especially love this one.

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