Activities for a preschooler

Since Jessica’s swimming lessons have been canceled twice now and we still don’t want to spend the money for gymnastics we’ve been looking in to a few other options for her.
Here’s what we’ve found – links and information – for her age group in Holland, Mi.
Holland Christian is running an Enrichment program for 3 and 4 year olds – each class is only $15 and they’re offering the classes at separate dates at a North and South side location. Jessica will definitely be signed up for some of these. She’s already infatuated with school – what better way to spend a snowy afternoon than learning and playing with other kids IN SCHOOL!?
DeGraaf Nature Center also offers some interactive classes and fun filled afternoons for 3 and 4 year olds – although the 3 year old classes are sparse, there is one in Feb that she could do with an adult on Making a Bird House – I think her and Aaron will be doing that one together.
Have an afternoon and you really want to see a movie – something with or maybe without your child? Celebration – Woodland offers all their movies at a ticket price of $3.50 – a total steal. We’ve taken Jessica to Ratatouille and when the new Veggie Tales movie is offered there we’ll probably venture out there again.
Also Celebration Cinema South offers Monday’s Movie’s for Mom’s – they keep the lights up a bit and turn the volume down so your little one isn’t disturbed and mom’s can catch the new releases without stares from other patrons. We did this often when Jessica was younger, I’m not sure it would work so well now that she knows whats going on in front of her.
Of course there’s always the mall play area, FREE and very entertaining for Jessica – Crazy Bounce, which she loves, but it’s spendy to do often, and the Aquatic Center is a huge hit – for only $3.50 per visit, it’s not too bad to splurge there a couple times a week if the need arises.

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