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I’ve never been good at the surfing of the Internet’s. I married someone who could tell you, while sleeping, 17 awesome sites to visit every single day and they would all be different, every single day. He knows what he’s doing. Me … well, I just kind of read 3 or 4 sites religiously and get stuck.
Until recently. As mentioned in an earlier post I did come across some new sites as of late which have led me to a wealth of other bloggers out there. All kinds of fascinating ideas and people. I’m loving this connection, if you will, to other mom’s and women on the internet. Not that I know a single one – it’s just nice to know there are women like me around who are writing about their lives and sharing some great ideas.
It also motivates me to get into action on my own “stuff” around the house. I could chalk all this up to nesting, and I probably should, but I love seeing photos and how-to’s on other blogs, it makes it seem so much more manageable for me to try being organized when I see how it works instead of just reading about it.
We have plenty-o-books laying around on home organization and although they have photos, not one of them has a how to in it and further more they’re generally pushing a certain store in all their photos (like Pottery Barn or The Container Store) which I love but cannot afford to outfit my closet with. Lets talk Big Lots, shall we? Big Lots is my best friend in the world of shopping for our home.
No, I am not kidding. Remember that beautiful sleigh bed we had? We bought it at Big Lots for $250 and that thing was SOLID. A very well made bed. We sold it and made money on it through the classifieds. By that time we had also boughten the bed-side tables that went along with it. And those lamps you see in the photo? Big Lots.
That store is a little piece of shopping heaven in my book. Good thing the one in our town closed and now I have to think good and hard about going to the one 30 minutes away. It’s always worth it, but now I usually have to have a plan to shop there – which is better any way.
If you know of any great ideas/websites – pass ’em on!

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