Broke something?

Since my mom broke her hip – we’ve become educated on such things as crutches and walkers and the like – here’s what we’ve found:
Skips Pharmacy of Holland will rent out crutches for a refundable $20 deposit and then either $3 a week or $10 a month. A much better deal than buying them and being stuck with them for ever.
Airway Oxygen of Holland has a “Hip Kit” which includes wonderful things like a sock-helper, reacher, long handled bath sponge and shoe thing – that heel helper or whatever for a reduced price than it would cost to buy them all separately. A better deal than buying the sock-helper and reacher alone.
Evergreen Commons of Holland lends out their walkers and wheel chairs for free (I haven’t double checked on this, but this is what we were told) so if you need to have more than one, or don’t want to buy one – you can borrow it for free.
Oh and – Walkers and canes are 25% this week at Walgreen’s.
Feel free to add information or tips in the comments section of this site. We’ll try to continue to compile helpful information here as we go along.

One thought on “Broke something?

  1. We have a lot of that stuff from Dad’s accident all ready ~ free from the insurance company. Including the sock thing! Just ask!

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