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First things first – Happy Valentines Day. Jessica and I got a wonderful start to our day with cards laying on the table from Aaron – one to his “Old Lady Schaap” and one to his “Baby Lady Schaap” you can guess who is who. We both haven’t stopped smiling.
Jessica came in our room this morning asking for her birthday card and we looked at each other like, what? Then we told her it was Valentines and that we’d have to wait for the mail later that day – but then Aaron piped up and said something about a surprise on the table for both his girls. I never got out of bed so fast being 7 months pregnant. I beat Jessica to it and ran back to bed with our cards. It was awesome.
Also? Life is good. Life is really really good. I’ve been doing a disservice to my little family by not getting help earlier for my depression. The smiles I see lately are product of a calmer, healthier woman, the woman I know I am capable of being and the mother I strive to be for Jessica and this baby. I’m laughing again and more often! I’m not so uptight or rushed about things. I’m relaxed. It’s wonderful.
The nursery is getting under way also which adds to my happiness – the nesting is starting to set in so any forward movement in that direction is good. We found a roll-end of some carpet that we’re having bound for the rug in his room and my mom gave me her sewing machine to use, so I brought it in for a tune up and then found all the fabric for the baby’s room. I’m so excited! I think it’s also safe to say that we are pretty sure we have a name – we have 2 we really like and one that I’m rooting for – so after the delivery we’ll know for sure who he is, but at least we have some idea now! I know that’s torture because we’re not announcing the name before hand, but some of you have asked how that search is going, so I thought I’d share at least that much.
Going in another direction entirely – what’s your favorite Valentine memory?
I’ll share mine later this week 🙂

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