My kid is amazing, and some other stuff

Jessica’s first portrait. I can’t get enough of this. She drew me this morning, pregnant and everything. GENIUS!
The folder of things we keep that Jessica colors, draws or writes it already full and she’s only 3. I’m going to need an entire cabinet for each kid. I am so OK with that.
Here’s an update on the medical goings on of this pregnancy as well …
Met with the dietitian and feel so much better about things – apparently I wasn’t getting enough carbs (odd) because I would have zero through out the day and then have a bowl of cereal – packed with carbs and mess the crap out of my blood sugar. So I have to have carbs at every meal and snack to keep everything even keel. Which is proving to be difficult because I feel full all the time and don’t really want to eat carbs or snacks – but I’m working on a meal plan that makes every one and every thing happy.
I am giving myself insulin twice a day – in the morning and before dinner. It’s not bad at all – needles and shots don’t bother me one bit and it doesn’t even hurt. So thats how everything is going.
On Monday we have another doctors appointment with our OB and an ultrasound to check the baby’s weight and see how things are going with him. I’m excited to see him again 🙂
And as far as Jessica goes with her itching and all the skin problems we were having with her since her birthday – that’s pretty much cleared up too. We ended up switching her pediatrician for communication reasons and because “put lotion on her” wasn’t worth the out of pocket cost and attitude we received when we brought her in to her old pediatrician for some answers. This has been going on for 3 months now – lotion isn’t cutting it, thanks.
New pediatrician listened to all our concerns, heard us out and treated Jessica like a girl, not a patient. Also? Actually examined her and diagnosed Eczema – then gave us medicine that works wonders and she’s all clear.
So everyone is happy and healthy over here and it’s lovely.

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