Roller coaster called pregnancy

We’ve made it to the part of pregnancy where everything makes me cry. And I mean everything. This morning at church, singing songs – I’m sobbing. Aaron says “Hey babe” when he gets home every night – cue the water works. Jessica has a tender moment and says “I love you” – more tears.
Commercials make me cry, the sunshine makes me cry, the amount of water on my ankles really makes me cry. A warm shower will make me cry and so will a nice cold glass of water.
Music most definitely makes me cry, in the car, kitchen, where ever I am at the moment. Reading books to Jessica makes me cry and watching the baby move in my belly makes me cry.
These aren’t sad tears either – some times they’re not even happy … they’re just … tears. Lots of them. I’ve learned not to wear mascara to church anymore at this point, it’s just messy and really gross in the end.
And some times these little moments of tears, these emotional glimpses turn into the body wrenching – soul cleansing sobbing that happens every so often in a girls repertoire of life. And at the end of all that? It feels awesome. Renewed. Ready for the next commercial at any moment.

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