Pimping out my ride.

A few new posts are on their way – but this is a little informative one to get the wheels turning.
Since we now have quite the hospital bill to pay off – I’m back to work in a few small ways. One, I’m cleaning our offices. Two, I’m back at taking photos. We tread lightly in this territory, normally I don’t advertise the fact that I do this on the side because very good friends of ours are professionals and we don’t want to step on their toes in any way shape or form …
But … $6,500 in medical bills will put a girl to work.
So here’s my prices – for photo shoots of the non-bridal kind – I charge $35 an hour, including processing time. I don’t mess with prints – when all is said and done I give you a CD (up to 5 of them) and you can do whatever your heart desires with the photos. You buy the digital rights. Prices go up a bit for large groups, so contact me with questions. Mostly right now I’m doing infant photo shoots – and I do them out of my home. I do not have a studio and I can work on location – but this also requires some extra information, so email me about that as well.
Weddings and the sort I charge $100 and hour and $35 an hour for processing. Same deal with the CD’s.
My calendar is open for business.
I also help people sell their fares online – whether it’s through amazon, craigslist or ebay … I charge 15% of the selling price and all fees are paid by the seller. Need help and don’t have the time – let me know!
We hope to pay this bill off super fast – we’ll keep you posted.
Or, you know, you can give us money. That’s cool, too. Or tell me of other small side jobs that need to be done for hire – and I’ll consider them.

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  1. oh man, that’s quite a bill! good luck! i’ll spread the word if i hear someone is looking for a photographer!

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