Something a little different

Have you ever had a feeling, like intuition that something is supposed to happen or going to happen but you don’t believe it? And then it comes true?
This actually happens to me all the time. In high school I was dating someone but one Sunday morning walking out of church I saw Aaron Schaap. I knew who he was, who didn’t – he was the boy to know in our church. Popular, good looking, all the girls liked him. I had this fleeting feeling as he passed and I was walking out the doors that I was going to be Jodi Schaap. I kinda bulked at the idea – because Aaron had NO IDEA who I was, did not know I existed – so how was this possible? Plus, I thought I was going to marry someone else at that point and put the idea completely out of my head.
Fast forward 2 or 3 years and my journey to becoming Jodi Schaap began. Aug 30, 2003 I did become Jodi Schaap.
This has happened with things such as knowing we’d be locked out of the house upon returning home from vacation – and then being locked out of the house once we returned from vacation. It happened with my very first kiss – a whole year before that happened I had the same feeling, fleeting, in passing – in the hallway at school about who it would be with and the same thing – feeling flabbergasted because this boy didn’t know I existed either.
Some times these feelings are about mundane things and some times they’re about the biggest thing in my life at the moment. Has this ever happened to you? I now know never to doubt my intuition – it has proven itself useful and honest time after time.
Do tell! I want to hear your stories!!

One thought on “Something a little different

  1. I thought I was ’bout the only who did this. Scarily real sometimes! I dream all mine though. Just weird things that happen to me or my friends really. Oh – and having a boy. Ever since I got married I knew my firstborn was gonna be a boy. As soon as I had him, now I’m dreaming girl, so maybe we’ll have a girl next!

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