Vacation Flings, ahhh yeeeaaah

I didn’t date a lot of guys before marrying Aaron and kissed even fewer but the vacation dates were always worth remembering because they were free of the high school mob-ish pressure to look like anything more than it ever was … a boy to eat ice cream with on the beach and kiss underneath the stars later that night.
One of my vacation flings ended up being my cousin-in-law and um, that wasn’t entirely awkward … just like seeing your best friend’s parents make out isn’t really that awkward. Or wait. Yes it is. Either way – there we were on a trampoline somewhere in Washington playing Truth or Dare.
Side step here – who likes this game? I do. I love this game – I love getting the truth out of people and the masochist in me breathes on making people do my dares.
Some how pot smoking came up in our Truth questions and Vacation Fling told us the story of the first time he tried it. How all he could think about was that he thought his hands were as big as Bugs Bunny’s hands complete with cartoonish character and the white gloves. We obviously made-out later that night.
Now every time I hear about “the hemp”, marijuana, pot, the leaf, etc, all I can ever think about is Bug’s Bunny and his stupid white gloved hands.
It is a wonder how I got so lucky with Aaron as my husband, is it not? I can totally be accountable for all those gray hairs now.

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