NEWTREE Chocolate giveaway!

Folks, you’re gonna get lucky.
NEWTREE is sponsoring this giveaway.

Which includes 6 Large Dark Chocolate bars:
REFRESH (mint)
RENEW (blackcurrant)
VIGOR (coffee)
SEXY (ginger)
BLUSH (cherry)
Yes, yes, I did just say that. Chocolate. Dark Chocolate. Large Dark Chocolate bars.

Need I say more? Awesome.
Oh but there is a bonus. NEWTREE is also doing a contest over on their site and their loot is Chocolate for ONE YEAR as well as the new 3G iPhone. Did I, or did I not, just say you were gonna get lucky?

I entered the contest on their site already – my GR8 American story only ended up being 160 words. So it went fast. You have to enter through texting. So – go, do, enter! And their contest ends this Friday – the 19th.
To enter THIS giveaway – for the 6 Dark Chocolate bars – simply leave a comment. You can enter once a day. This giveaway will end 11pm September 18, 2008. And if you send someone here and they mention it – you’ll get a bonus entry, which I’ll put in for you.

18 thoughts on “NEWTREE Chocolate giveaway!

  1. i think i’ll do my best to enter every day…. I love dark chocolate, and Dave doesn’t, so more for me πŸ™‚
    happy birthday!!

  2. thanks for bringing so many “treats” to share with the “class” on your birthday! So nice of you! These flavored chocolates intrigue me…crossing my fingers for a win!

  3. Hip hip horray for chocolate! Happy belated birthday Jodi! Bella’s real b-day falls on the 18th! You two almost shared the special day!

  4. do i enter here every day? … i’m still trying to think of a story for my entry on Newtree’s site…. i’m so not creative…

  5. dark chocolate by any other name just wouldn’t be dark chocolate. a half hour before i read this post today, i ate a little slab of the heavenly stuff and decided that if i only ever ate dark chocolate for dessert again, i could handle that. how about that timing?!

  6. k…that contest (txting a story) SOOO fun! my thumbs hurt a little, and i can only send like 17 words at a time (i had to break it down to 12 (!!) txt messages). but very creative juices were prompted by my wanting some chocolate, loving to write and a new iphone…love you jodi!

  7. A little story. In college, in a creative writing class, the teacher made us all begin writing a story based on nothing…just whatever we felt like…and as we wrote he would come around and randomly give us a word that we had to incorporate into the story. We got three words total. I thought this would produce the stupidest thing on earth…surprisingly it ended up being one of the best stories I ever wrote, and remarkably challenging and fun! The teacher liked it so much he had me read it to the class. This contest reminds me of that lesson…thanks for telling us all about it!

  8. C = Chocolate tastes like
    H = Heaven on earth.
    O = Oh boy it sure
    C = Can fix a crappy day… or even PMS
    O = Open the wrapper and savor what’s inside. It feels like true
    L = Love. Can I have
    A = Another one… please?
    T = Try to share with others because
    E = Everyone needs a little chocolate now and then

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