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I think words are beautiful. I’m Jodi, the voice behind this space, and I love life. I’m married (2003) and we have 2 kids (2005, 2008). I dream of living on land with a big barn and lots of trees. I’m passionate about gathering together in an authentic way. (Under twinkly lights, perhaps.) And I transform physical spaces into unforgettable memories, sometimes I do this to homes. I am a secret fixer upper at heart.

I also take photos, a lot of them. You’ll see them here and companies hire me to take product shots. I love the opportunity to create a visual library for clients constructing their marketing plan, as well as being contracted to photograph homes, new and old, to help present them for sale.

We travel with kids as often as possible and escape within our home state of Michigan just as much. It’s an adventure and one I’m thankful for. My favorite human condition is relationship and I’m a romantic at heart (it’s killing me that I can’t use 1,000 emojis in this introduction) and I’m so happy you’re here!


Camping: Fayette and Wilderness State Parkk

About the Site

Jodi Schaap, affectionately known as JodiMichelle, believes the best in people. Blogging since the Fall of 2000, she’s passionate about intentional living, being involved in her communities, and living naked on paper.

Taking control of the hectic life that is being married to a Serial Entrepreneur and Mother to two, Jodi dreams big through her Life List and takes you along for the ride. She’s fearless in the kitchen often trying difficult recipes or techniques before completely reading the instructions just to know she can.

A catalyst for How To’s, Tutorials, and DIY junkies; she’s an Idea Philanthropist.

Jodi has worked with companies such as Tyson, Walmart, Steelecase/Turnstone, Kia, as well as many local West Michigan businesses and more. Recently Jodi has started a company around events: Oz. Where there’s a place at the table for you – Oz is dedicated to community, championing great stories, and living on purpose.

You can email Jodi any time at jodi at jodimichelle dot com

Upper Macatawa Trails: Frog catching
Lake Michigan
Camping: Fayette and Wilderness State Parkk
Camping: Fayette and Wilderness State Parkk
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